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Schools with Acting Programs

Schools with Acting Programs

Acting Schools

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High school acting programs offer training and education in a broad range of vocational and applied theatre specialties that can feature a variety of specializations including courses in acting, producing, design for the stage and applied theatre. Many famous actresses and actors have graduated from top private schools in Canada.

High school acting programs

Advanced high school theatre arts programs prepare students for the practice of theatre, and courses develop creative imagination and expression. Drama and movement therapy, lighting design and production, media and acting education, musical theatre, performance arts, prop making, puppetry, scenic construction, costume design, scenography, set design, sound effect, stage management and many other aspects related to performing arts are covered in schools' acting programs.

A theatre concentration is valuable to students interested in pursuing a degree or career in the performing arts. Students studying languages, literatures, and other arts also benefit from drama programs. Acting schools develop language and communication and cultivate problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration skills.

You learn much more beyond just acting! As one acting school student says, "Anything difficult to produce is handled creatively: you never know who's going to come up with what." Of course, students love the profound concentration in theatre that can only be found in a private school.

Typical course offerings cover varied traditions and forms of theatre, ranging from Shakespeare, Chinese opera, and comedy to stage realism, expressionism, seminars, acting labs, design studios, and performances. Senior programs may close out the semester in a theatre production or a thesis grounded in historical and scholarly research about the performing arts.

Consult with the schools listed below to find out more about their performing arts curricula.

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