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Asperger's Syndrome is a variant within the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) characterised by repetitive patterns of interest and behaviour. Those diagnosed with Asperger’s are able to function well linguistically and cognitively, and to achieve high standards of academic success, especially when supports are offered to facilitate their unique learning needs. Those can include training social skills, cognitive behaviour therapy, medications, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. 

Conversely, many aspects Asperger's Syndrome may predispose individuals to success within certain areas of professional and academic life. For example, some feel that Albert Einstein, Mozart, Thomas Jefferson and others may have exhibited a suite of symptoms that, were they with us today, might be viewed as within the AS spectrum. We'll never know, though there are certainly many successful people today in business, science, and culture who have Asperger's to one degree or another. Temple Grandin, an extremely successful scientist and communicator, is notable by her work as well as by the awareness that she’s brought to AS.

What to look for

For parents of children diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, schools offer:

  • smaller class sizes
  • flexibility in budgeting for Asperger's support
  • relief from (unfortunate) bullying
  • specialized instruction and co-curricular therapies, including occupational therapies
  • student-directed programs to support the child's learning styles, such as Montessori, Waldorf, or Reggio Emilia schools.

Listed below are schools in the United States that welcome students with Asperger's Syndrome.

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List of Asperger's syndrome support


  • Name
  • Cost
  • Chamberlain International School (est. 1976)   1 Pleasant Street, P.O. Box 778, Middleboro, Massachusetts, 02346

    • Gr. 6 to Gr. 12 (Coed)
    • Day school (25 students)
    • Boarding school (98 students)
    Co-ed therapeutic boarding school in Massachusetts for students 11-22 years. Student support is offered for learning disabilities, OCD, anxiety, ADHD, NLD, ASD, attachment disorder, bipolar disorder and depression.  
    • Traditional
    • Student- paced
    • Special needs
    $58,227 to $141,214 USD /year
    Day Boarding Coed 58227 11-17 Middleboro

    Heritage (est. 1984)   5600 Heritage School Dr, Provo, Utah,

    • Gr. 7 to Gr. 12 (Boys)
    • Gr. 7 to Gr. 12 (Girls)
    • Boarding school (115 students)
    Heritage offers expert care for at-risk adolescents including those diagnosed with Mood Disorder, depression, anxiety, defiance towards authority figures and those on the Autism Spectrum. Learn more on our website.  
    • Progressive
    • Student- paced
    • Troubled Teens, Special needs
    • Spanish immersion
    US $138,000 /year
    Boarding Boys Girls 138000 12-17 Provo

    Hampshire Country School (est. 1948)   28 Patey Circle, Rindge, New Hampshire, 03461
    (Deer Run Ln / Hampshire Rd)

    • Gr. 3 to Gr. 12 (Boys)
    • Boarding school (22 students)
    A friendly, active boarding school for bright boys who have good intentions but who may be too impulsive, intense, or bothersome for other schools and whose intellectual interests may separate them from their peers.  
    • Liberal Arts
    • Student- paced
    • Gifted, Special needs
    US $58,500 /year
    Boarding Boys 58500 8-17 Rindge