10 Tips To Childproof Your Home Office

Keep your children safe while you’re working at home with these ten tips from Rob Maxwell on how to childproof your home office.

Ways To Childproof Your Home Office

Childproof Your Home Office

One of the benefits of having a home office is that you’re at home. You’re available for your kids when they need you. When you’re the parent of a small child working at home in your home office can be a challenge. Not only do smaller children need more attention than older children, those smaller children are more likely to get into things.

Just like you childproof your home, you’re going to need to spend some time childproofing your office. Below are some tips on protecting your child from the dangers of your home office (and protecting your home office from your child).

10 Tips For A Childproof Home Office

1. Keep Small Items Out of Reach

Sweat the small stuff. More to the point, put the small stuff out of reach. Everything from paper clips to staples and other office supplies can be a danger to your child. If you have a toddler, you’ll need to consider putting these small items into a locked desk drawer or somewhere else where she can’t get them.

2. Beware of Hazardous Materials

Some office supplies that might have fumes can be dangerous, like paint thinner or even glue. Know what your child can reach and secure that area.

3. Watch Out For Large Items On Your Desk

Toddlers like to pull themselves up and pull things down. If you have a printer sitting on the edge of your desk, for example, it wouldn’t take much for him to get a hold of the power cord and pull it down, injuring him and/or destroying the printer. If it can topple over, don’t put it within your child’s reach.

4. Secure Your Cords & Loose Wires

Secure all of your cords. This raises another important area for childproofing your home office – loose wires. Loose wires and cables are a danger to your child. There are a number of solutions you can implement to get them out of the way and minimize the risk:

  • Use cable management products that allow you to feed your cables through a secure outer protective container
  • Group cables together using zip ties
  • Any cord that dangles near the floor can be a tripping hazard
5. Watch Out For Window Blinds
Window blinds pose the same danger in a home office as they do in the rest of the home. Dangling cords from window blinds are a definite hazard to small children. Instead, consider using:
  • Curtains or drapes
  • Cordless blinds
  • If you’re going to use blinds, go ahead and secure the cords so that your child can’t get to them
6. Cover Your Outlets
Just like you do in the rest of your home, make sure that all of the outlets in your home office are covered. Keep power strips off the floor and out of reach, as well.
7. Secure Your Drawers
Make drawers difficult to open. You can use magnets on the doors of your desk to keep little hands from opening them. In some cases, you may even want to consider locks. Many desks have a built-in lock for the desk drawer, and you should consider placing dangerous items like scissors or letter openers in there.
8. Don’t Store Your Computer on the Ground
If you use a desktop PC, don’t let the computer tower sit on the ground. Keep it up, out of reach. Just make sure that it’s secured tightly, of course, so that it can’t be pulled down on top of a child.
9. Control Your Access Points
If you’re watching your child while working, you don’t want her to wander off. Keep her safe with items like:
  • Door knob covers
  • Safety gates or playpens
  • Latches to secure all windows
10. Hide the Paper Shredder
A paper shredder can be a dangerous thing when little fingers are involved. Move your paper shredder to a location where your child can’t reach in and get injured. Only take your shredder out when you need to use it, and never leave it plugged in.
You work from a home office, at least in part, so you can care for your children. Don’t let a simple mistake in how you set up your home office lead to a disaster for your child.

Follow these tips and you’ll keep your child safe from the dangers posed by your office – and keep your office safe from the dangers posed by your child.

[About the author: Rob Maxwell  is Social Media Coordinator at Starfine Furniture, a leading provider of home office furniture in Galveston, TX. Their furniture store prides itself for hand selecting everything in the store, from bedroom furniture to office desks.]

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How do you keep your small child entertained while you’re working from home? Share your experiences in the Comments section below.


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