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    On the Menu: Tandoori Chicken Burgers with Raita

    “Mommy you’re are the best cooker in the world!” That’s right…that’s what my daughter exclaimed during dinner today! It’s the first time I heard such words in more than 4 years!  Both my kids asked for thirds, with raita on the side and cleaned their entire plates. I wanted to share this recipe with everyone, […]

    Mothers, take time for yourselves

    A friend of mine, who has a teenaged son, told me “it only gets more difficult from this point. When you have teenagers, there are more demands and different struggles that eclipse the ease of toddlerhood.”  Her advice is to make sure to find time for yourself. Schedule time before your head hits the pillow […]

    How hard should you push your child?

    I was a ‘soccer mom’ for about two weeks. I enrolled my 4-year old and 2-year old in a Toronto soccer club. They were both so excited to play (like their big auntie and uncle), but it turned out to be very short lived. My son’s toddler program was unfortunately cancelled and when my daughter […]

    Letting kids ‘do it on their own’

    My son likes to dress himself. At 2.5, that’s a great thing, but I find it hard. His shoes are on the right way, 50% of the time.  His crocs are green, only because the pink ones, the colour he really wanted, weren’t available in his size. (He has an older sister, she influences a […]

    First Time at Camp: The Pick Up

    It was a tough weekend for me—more difficult then I thought. It was my first time letting my daughter stay overnight and in a new place. My daughter was bursting with excitement to share with us what she did at camp and the friends she met along the way.

    First Time at Camp: The Drop Off

    There were tears. Not from my daughter, but from me. The entire time I was nervous and filled with anxiety…still not 100% sure if my daughter is ready to go to camp on her own. The bus windows were tinted and I could see a group of counsellors huddled around the area where my daughter was sitting. Then we saw a little head peak at the window with a smiling face waving at us!

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