Hobbies for Parents: Do You Have a Hobby?

Julie Cole: Mabel Mama of Many

It can often be difficult for parents to find time at the end of a busy day to keep up with a hobby. Julie Cole shares her rediscovery of hobbies and how important it is for her children to see her enjoying them! Read more…

How to Navigate the Earnings Question: Mom, What’s Our Income?

Mom, what’s our income? Here are a few suggestions from CICA on how to approach this important topic with your children. Read more…

A Teacher’s Approach to Using Comic Books in the Classroom

Deputy Headmaster, Manfred J. von Vulte, of Northmount Independent Boys Catholic Elementary School offers a creative perspective on how to help children improve their writing skills. Read more…

Thinnox Event: Stride Career Expo for Technology, Engineering and Design

If your child is interested in a career in Technology, Design or Engineering, register to attend the Stride Career Expo for Technology, Engineering and Design on November 30th, 2012! Read more…

What A Wild Song: A “Green” Playlist

Wonder how ‘green’ songs can open children’s eyes to broader issues about the environment? Here are some song suggestions for natural world and environmental issues and advocacy that can be discussed both in and outside of the classroom. Read more…

Where to Find A Nanny

Some of the resources available to parents to find a nanny are more readily available than you might think. Here SOS Sitter discusses the pros and cons of each of these resources to help families find the right solution for them. Read more…

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