Discover Democratic Classrooms at Hudson College’s Open House

Hudson College is a co-ed Toronto Private school with an educational philosophy that sets it apart. Discover what it’s like to learn in a democratic classroom at the October 25th, 2014 Open House! Read more…

Comic Books and Other Hooks: 21st Century Education

Stan Lee and Manfred J. von Vulte

Manfred J. von Vulte talks about his new book Comic Books and Other Hooks: 21st Century Education, education trends, teaching, comics, and meeting Stan Lee. Read More…

Star Academy gets gold star for teaching excellence

The Star Academy water event

Star Academy students showcase cross-curricular, technology-based learning at their student exhibit, Water: The Ripple Event. Read More…

3 Reasons Google Applications for Education Should Be on Every Parent’s Radar

Educational apps

A key element of academic success is organization. Check out these Google Apps for students that teachers are using in the classroom and help your child improve their academic results. Read More…

A Comic Book Era: What Are Appropriate Comic Books for Certain Ages?

Comic Books in School

When determining the appropriate age for children to read comic books and graphic novels, it is necessary for parents and teachers to be in constant communication and agreement. It is also important to keep in mind your families personal values and beliefs while considering the recommended age limits set in place by reviewers, authors, and publishers. Read More…

Ten Reasons Children Should Read Comic Books

Stan Lee and Manfred

Do you encourage your child to read comic books or graphic novels at home? Check out these 10 reasons why your child should be reading comic books. Read More…

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