Educational Assessments and Gifted Testing – FAQ’s

Educational assessments for your child

Valentin & Blackstock Psychology strongly believe that psychoeducational assessments and gifted testing are important in helping parents understand their child’s cognitive, intellectual, emotional, social and behavioural strengths and weaknesses. Read More…

All Students Can Learn, They Just Need to Know How

Learning how to learn

All kids can learn, if they know how. Learning how to learn is sometimes overlooked, but is an essential skill for academic success. Read More…

What Is a Psychoeducational Assessment and Does Your Child Need One?

Psychoeducational assessment

Is your child struggling in school? A psychoeducational assessment can help identify any potential issues and help you resolve them. Read More…

What is Digital Literacy and How Has It Changed Your Student’s Classroom?

Digital literacy and your child's classroom

Digital media is changing your child’s world and has implications for their education as digital literacy becomes an important part of the curriculum. What is digital literacy and how is it changing your child’s classroom? Read more…

How to Pay for Private School

paying for private school

Are you worried about the cost of private school? Check out these tips and options for paying for private school. Read more…

Private Schools and Academics

Teachers and students respect each other

Private schools tend to focus on academics, but this is not true for all schools. Admission departments look at many factors beyond academic ability.

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