Early Literacy Strategies

Early literacy

Check out these 10 pre-literacy tips that will help your young child become an avid reader. Read More…

Applying to Private School: How Many Schools Should I Apply To?

How many schools should you apply to?

How many private schools should you apply your child to? Get answers and specific details about the application process and what to expect here. Read more…

10 Tips To Childproof Your Home Office

Ever wonder how people work from home with small children? Following these 10 tips to childproof your home will help keep your kids safe while you get your work done. Read more…

Five Effective Ways to Promote Literacy and Learning Through Music

Music education

Have you tried using music to promote literacy and learning in your child? Here’s why developing literacy and learning skills through music benefits children in the classroom and throughout their lives. Read more…

Private Schools vs. Public Schools: Which One is Better for Your Child?

are private schools better than public schools?

Which is better, private school or public school? Get help here narrowing down the choices by taking a closer look at the benefits of private schools and public schools. Read more…

How Neuroscience Opened My Eyes to Helping My Kids Reach Their Full Potential

How Neuroscience Opened My Eyes to Helping My Kids Reach Their Full Potential

Every parent wants their child to become the best they can be. Jennifer Vidal, a mother of three from Mississauga, Ont., reflects on how groundbreaking neuroscience research can help her children improve their ability to learn and develop their abilities. Read more…

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