Face to Face with Cohort 21

Students and teacher sitting around a computer

Cohort 21 offers “face-2-face” teaching with the collaboration of rich communication and tools found online. The feedback for this has been positive after their second year of face-2-face sessions have ended. is Read More…

Comic Books and Other Hooks: 21st Century Education

Stan Lee and Manfred J. von Vulte

Manfred J. von Vulte talks about his new book Comic Books and Other Hooks: 21st Century Education, education trends, teaching, comics, and meeting Stan Lee. Read More…

SSAT, SAT and ACT Testing: Preparing Students for Success

Wondering about standardized testing and how the SSAT, SAT, and ACT tests benefit students throughout their lives? David Stoll and Blaise Moritz explain. Read more…

A Teacher’s Approach to Using Comic Books in the Classroom

Deputy Headmaster, Manfred J. von Vulte, of Northmount Independent Boys Catholic Elementary School offers a creative perspective on how to help children improve their writing skills. Read more…

Learning from Superheroes


Superheroes can be used in the classroom to make engaging connections between popular culture and curriculum. Read more…

LCC Teacher Winner of LSF Jack Layton Award for Youth Action in Sustainability

Lower Canada College Teacher Wins Jack Layton Award

Congratulations to June Saunders, grade 8 math teacher at Lower Canada College who has won an Honourable Mention for the LSF Jack Layton Award for Youth Action in Sustainability 2012. Ms. Saunders won the award based on her Solisterra project with grade 8 enriched math students. Read more…

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