Elmwood School: Inspiring Girls to Become the Women Who Change the World

Academic excellence, a caring atmosphere and strong community spirit are what make Elmwood stand apart as the most innovative girls’ school in Canada.  Here, girls are encouraged to try new things, create and explore.  “We believe that every Elmwood girl has amazing potential and our promise is to help them reach it,” says Cheryl Boughton, […]

Toronto Prep School Open House: Striving for Academic and Personal Success

Upon first glance at Toronto Preparatory Academy, two things stand out.  First, classes begin at 10:00 in the morning, with extra help available from 9:00am.  Second, the school has a dress code, but no uniform.  Admissions Director Fouli Tsimikalis says the late start helps students concentrate and the extra support ensures students don’t fall behind.  […]

Army and Navy Academy: inspiring confidence, independence, and resilience

Confidence, independence and resilience are some of the traits that characterize boys at the Army and Navy Academy.  Located on the coast of California in San Diego County, the Army and Navy Academy is internationally recognized as a premier military boarding school for boys grades 7-12.  Following a UC standard-based curriculum, first-class leadership training, and […]

Free Webinar: How to Help Your Child Achieve More in 2016

The New Year is often a time for reflection, resolutions and goal-setting. While personal goals — such as healthy eating and exercise — are important, parents often fail to set and review their parenting goals. Your child’s success starts with you, the parent. And without a plan, the goal of achievement is simply just a […]

Hatch Canada Coding Camp: June 23 Open House

Hatch Canada teaches kids to code. Discover the summer camps and summer coding programs Hatch Canada in Toronto has to offer on June 23rd.

How parents screw up your kids… and how to fix it

GP Parent Academy - Toronto workshop June 23, 2015

If you’ve ever wondered why your kids don’t listen consistently or what makes teens so difficult to deal with? It’s because no one ever thought you the secrets of why children behave the way they do. Until now.

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