Me to We Ambassador Interview with Molly Burke on Overcoming Bullying

Me to We ambassador Molly Burke shares her difficult experience of being bullied and the inspiring story of how she learned to rediscover herself, her passions and her voice. Read more…

Robert Land Academy Takes a Pledge to End Bullying

Stop bullying now!

Robert Land Academy takes action against Bullying. Read more…

Cyberbullying: The Downside of the Digital Age


Cyberbullying effects the victim, the bully and others in the school environment. Find out how you can put a stop to bullying. Read more…

Dialogue Magazine E-Book Explores Diversity and Bullying

dialogue diversity issue

In the new Dialogue magazine, private schools, the education community and some of the world’s top minds explore how schools can be diverse and inclusive. Join the conversation and be part of the solution. Read more…

Bullying and Diversity: The Real Issue With the Anti-Bullying Bill

Bullying in Schools

Despite the public furor about whether it went too far or not far enough, Bill 13 can only help fulfill what everyone wants: safe schools. Read more…

Mental Health Stories Help Fight Stigma: Story of the Month

Saving the Sad Generation

It’s using the power of the media for a positive purpose. Sharing stories and advice can help dispel the stigma of living with mental illness and getting help. For this reason, our Story of the Month for May is the Saving the ‘Sad Generation’ mental health series. Read more…

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