Fraser Institute 2014 Rankings for British Columbia Secondary Schools

Fraser report

The Fraser Report provides insight into how high schools in British Columbia compare, and which ones are improving. Read More…

Fraser Institute 2014 Ontario Elementary School Rankings

Fraser Report Ontario

The Fraser Institute 2014 report ranks Ontario elementary schools. See how your child’s school is doing and find top elementary private schools near you. Read More…

Fraser Institute 2014 British Columbia Elementary School Rankings

BC Elementary rankings

Find and compare the top B.C. elementary schools with Fraser Institute Rankings for 2014. Read More…

How Do Parents Rank Their Private School Options?

Choosing a school involves the whole family

Choosing a private school can be overwhelming. Each school has its pros and cons and ranking them can be difficult. Here’s a helpful look at how parents can judge schools by their own criteria. Read more…

How Neuroscience Opened My Eyes to Helping My Kids Reach Their Full Potential

How Neuroscience Opened My Eyes to Helping My Kids Reach Their Full Potential

Every parent wants their child to become the best they can be. Jennifer Vidal, a mother of three from Mississauga, Ont., reflects on how groundbreaking neuroscience research can help her children improve their ability to learn and develop their abilities. Read more…

Fraser Institute School Rankings 2012: B.C. Private High Schools Dominate Top Spots

Crofton House School

Are the Fraser Institute ratings “flawed information” or a valuable tool to help schools improve? Get the latest results and join the debate. Read more…

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