Toronto Schools for Children With Asperger’s Syndrome

Aspbergers Students

While Asperger’s may be a challenge in your child’s life, private schools in Toronto could help your child’s development in many ways. Find out how at these five schools. Read more…

Mental Health Stories Help Fight Stigma: Story of the Month

Saving the Sad Generation

It’s using the power of the media for a positive purpose. Sharing stories and advice can help dispel the stigma of living with mental illness and getting help. For this reason, our Story of the Month for May is the Saving the ‘Sad Generation’ mental health series. Read more…

Brain Power: Five Ways Neuroscience Will Change Education

Neuroscience in education

Neuroscience is steadily influencing classrooms and how parents teach. Here are five ways you can expect to see education change because of how we study children’s brain development. Read more…

Why the Term ‘Underachiever’ Is Unacceptable

When a professional or a parent concludes that the child is an underachiever, they might as well be swearing at the kid – and we do not tolerate swearing in our school!

Unlocking the Mystery of Autism

Understanding autism as a language communication problem ranging from mild to severe is the best way to understand the disorder. Special educators and speech and language therapists have powerful methods to promote learning and development. Now there is hope!

We Are All Special at Summer Camp

We are all special at summer camp

At the recent Ontario Camps Association Conference I had the privilege of attending the kindred group meeting for the Special Needs Camps. It had been eons since I had last rubbed shoulders with this group, and almost twenty-five years since I first agreed to sit on what was then called the Integration Committee. I was struck by how far our society and particularily organized children’s camping has come in its understanding and openness to providing social-recreation experiences for children, youth and families.

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