Zodiac Day Camp: A summer day camp offering the excitement of an overnight camp

This children’s summer day camp for kids aged 2.5 to 15.5 provides a plethora of engaging activities for kids of all ages. Located in mid-Toronto near Bathurst and Eglinton, Zodiac Day Camp offers diverse and unique programs to suit every type of camper. Come experience a fun-filled afternoon of activities including dance, rock climbing, creativity, WHIMZ Live […]

Hatch Canada Coding Camp: June 23 Open House

Hatch Canada teaches kids to code. Discover the summer camps and summer coding programs Hatch Canada in Toronto has to offer on June 23rd.

Cracking the Code: Computer Programming For Kids Learning Code

Computer programming for kids

Although the job market is desperate for people trained in computer science, it’s not part of the standard curriculum and continues to be marginalized in the school system. Fortunately, there are several websites that promote and offer programming and coding education free of charge. Read More…

Give Your Tween the Gift of Self-Confidence & Friendship

Girl Power Inc.

Give your daughter the gift of self-confidence and strong friendships this summer with GirlPower Inc. day camp. Register by July 22nd to take advantage of their two-for-one registration offer. Read More…

Sending a Child With ASD to Summer Camp: Questions to Ask

ASD campers

Thinking of sending your child with an autism spectrum disorder to summer camp but not sure which questions to ask? Here are five questions you should consider asking the camp director. Read more…

French Sports Camps Benefits: Combining French Language Skills and Sports

french camps with sports focus

Here’s why French sports camp programs are a great way for your child to bolster his or her French language skills while also enjoying sports. Read more…

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