Driving Safety: Top Five Summer Road Trip Tips

No matter where you’re headed this summer on the open road, keeping your family safe is a top priority. Consider these five tips from Suzanne Vukosavljevic to ensure your family stays happy and secure on the journey.

Suzanne Vukosavljevic: Prepare for the Road Ahead

Summer is in full swing and many Canadian families are hitting the road. Whether it’s for a great weekend road trip, driving to camp, or heading to cottage country, here are some road trip tips to help you reach your destination happily and safely.

  1. Plan Your Route—Plan your trips to travel in a logical order. Anticipate how long your route will take and leave plenty of time to avoid stress and rushing to your destination. Even if you are staying close to home, there could be road closures you should be aware of.
  2. Avoid a Breakdown—Before you leave, it is a good idea to make have your vehicle checked. The last thing you want is to have your car breakdown en route. Look at things like keeping your air and fuel filters clean. Your owner’s manual will advise you on how often they should be changed.
  3. Fuel Ahead—A wise driver will fuel up the day before the trip so they are ready to go and drive past all the long line-ups at the gas stations. Just before you reach your destination, it’s a good idea to top up your tank to have ready for side trips and the return home.
  4. Pack Up and Drive Out—You have packed your family’s bags and suitcases and now you need to make sure your trunk is stocked with the necessities. Items like a bottle of sunscreen, insect repellent containing Deet, and a couple of factory-sealed bottles of water are good essentials to have on hand. Any unnecessary items in the trunk should be removed as they just add weight that wastes fuel.
  5. Keep Kids Occupied—Happy children make for a happy drive. Ensure children are properly buckled in. Keep them occupied with easily accessible games, books, videos, music, and snacks so you can keep your focus on the road. It is also a good idea to pull into rest areas every two hours to have the kids release energy.

What summer road trips do you have planned? Any family tips you can share to help make the road ahead more enjoyable?

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Do you have road trip advice for other parents and families? Share your thoughts and tips in the Comments section below!


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About Suzanne Vukosavljevic

Suzanne Vukosavljevic is the director of public relations for Young Drivers of Canada, Canada's leading provider of driver training. She is also the mother of two and a big believer that education is key to making our roads and communities safer. She is passionate about social media and connecting with parents and families online to share, engage and listen to the road safety conversation. Connect with Suzanne through the social links below, on her blog Conversations on Road Safety & Driver Education, or through www.yd.com.

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