Fraser Institute Releases 2013 Ontario High School Rankings

How did your son or daughter’s Ontario high school rank in the Fraser Institute’s 2013 report? 

The results of this year’s Fraser Institute’s report on Ontario’s high schools concluded that 75 of the provinces secondary schools showed overall improvement in their rankings! The top 20 fastest improving schools included a variety of school philosophies and regions with 10 Public schools, and 10 catholic schools throughout the province.

Top high schools

How does your child's school rank?

The Fraser Institute releases annual reports that provide parents with a way to objectively rank, compare and discover school ratings through a third party. While school rankings and comparisons may never be a perfect process due to the variety in student needs and the multitude of educational strategies to meet them, the report allows families to start their search for schools on a solid foundation.

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The report gives each school an overall ranking out of 10 for academic performance, based on six province-wide tests, as well as rating schools on other performance indicators that do not factor into this number, such as  “tests not written” or “student characteristics.”

This year, 725 Ontario schools were ranked in the process. The report noted that 12 of Ontario’s top schools had an overall rating of more than 9.0 out of 10.0.

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Within the most improved schools the majority were located in the GTA, although 3 high schools in Southwestern Ontario, 3 in Eastern Ontario, and 1 in North Central Ontario also made the list. The report insists that  “Every school is capable of improvement, regardless of its geographic or socioeconomic challenges.” And they have the rankings to prove it. The report also states “Of the 20 Ontario secondary schools showing the fastest academic improvement over the past five years, 10 are public schools where the parental income is below average. At four of those schools, special needs students account for more than 20 per cent of school enrollment.”

 “With individual school results going back five years, the Fraser Institute’s annual school rankings help parents and educators measure improvement in specific subject areas and prioritize improvement plans for the year ahead” The Institute published, in accordance with their mission to give parents a resource for their school research, and schools the ability to look at how other institutions are improving and in turn, improve themselves.

 Ontario High Schools with an Average Rating of Above 9.0 out of 10.0 

  1. London Central (London, ON) – 9.6 (2011-2012), 9.5 (last 5 years)
  2. Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts (Toronto) – 9.5, 9.0
  3. Colonel By (Gloucester) – 9.2, 7.2
  4. St Joseph’s (Renfrew) – 9.2, 7.2
  5. Bayview (Richmond Hill) – 9.1, 9.2
  6. Richmond Hill (Richmond Hill) – 9.1, 8.7
  7. Holy Name of Mary (Brampton) – 9.1, 8.1
  8. Pierre Elliot Trudeau (Markham) – 9.0, 9.3
  9. St Michael (Kemptville) – 9.0, 9.3
  10. St Robert (Thornhill) – 9.0, 8.9
  11. St Therese of Lisieux (Richmond Hill) – 9.0, 8.8
  12. West Carleton (Dunrobin) – 9.0, 8.8

Top 20 Fastest-Improving Ontario Secondary Schools 

  1. Bloor (Public), Toronto
  2. Mère-Teresa (Catholic), Hamilton
  3. St. Patrick (Catholic), Toronto
  4. St. Mary’s (Catholic), Toronto
  5. Le Sommet (Public), Hawkesbury
  6. Central Commerce (Public), Toronto
  7. St. Edmund Campion (Catholic), Brampton
  8. Nouvelle-Alliance (Catholic), Barrie
  9. Walkerville (Public), Windsor
  10. E.J. Lajeunesse (Catholic), Windsor
  11. Father Henry Carr (Catholic), Toronto
  12. Monarch Park (Public), Toronto
  13. Thistletown (Public), Toronto
  14. Ascension of Our Lord (Catholic), Mississauga
  15. Jeanne-Lajoie (Catholic), Pembroke
  16. North Grenville (Public), Kemptville
  17. Victoria Park (Public), Toronto
  18. East York (Public), Toronto
  19. Pope John Paul II (Catholic), Toronto
  20. West Humber (Public), Toronto
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