Fraser Institute Releases 2014 Ontario High School Rankings

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Wondering which schools in your area are the best? The Fraser Institute has released their 2014 school rankings for the top ten fastest improving schools within the province of Ontario.

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The 2014 report card on secondary schools in Ontario ranks 740 public, Catholic, and a few private secondary schools based seven academic indicators using data from annual tests of literacy and math taken across the province. Ontario’s Education Quality and Accountability Office manages the standardized tests.

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The Fraser Institute insists,  “Every school is capable of improvement, regardless of its geographic or socioeconomic challenges.” And they have the rankings to prove it. The report also states “Of the 20 Ontario secondary schools showing the fastest academic improvement over the past five years, 10 are public schools where the parental income is below average. At four of those schools, special needs students account for more than 20 per cent of school enrollment.”

Among the top 10 fastest improving schools, three of them are in Toronto. They include St. Patrick Catholic, which climbed from a rating of 3.7 out of 10 in 2009 to a 6.2 in 2013, despite an average parental income of $43,200 which is the lowest among any of the schools in the top ten.

“A school like St. Patrick counters all the preconceptions about student performance. It has a relatively low parental income, and a relatively high percentage of ESL and special needs students. Yet it’s one of the fastest-improving schools in the Report Card and its overall rating now exceeds the all-schools average,” said Peter Cowley, Fraser Institute director of school performance studies.

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The complete list of the top ten fastest improving schools in Ontario is as follows:

  • Saint-François-Xavier, French-Catholic, Sarnia
  • Le Sommet, French-Public, Hawkesbury
  • St. Mary’s, English-Catholic, Toronto
  • La Salle, English-Public, Kingston
  • Bloor, English-Public, Toronto
  • Monseigneur-Bruyère, French-Catholic, London
  • Nouvelle-Alliance, French-Catholic, Barrie
  • L’Héritage, French-Public, Cornwall
  • Gabriel-Dumont, French-Public, London
  • St. Patrick, English-Catholic, Toronto

On a larger scale, among the 740 ranked schools in this year’s Report Card, 69 schools improved their performance from the previous year.

The Top 10 Highest Ranked Secondary Schools in Ontario

  1. St. Michael’s Choir (Sr) (Toronto) – 9.9 (2012-2013), 9.1 (last 5 years)
  2. Unionville (Toronto) – 9.5, 9.0
  3. London Central (London) – 9.4, 9.4
  4. AFNORTH International (Brunssum) – 9.4, N/A
  5. Marc-Garneau (Trenton) – 9.4, N/A
  6. Bayview (Richmond Hill) – 9.2, 9.2
  7. St. Therese of Lisieux (Richmond Hill) – 9.2, 8.8
  8. Pierre Elliot Trudeau (Markham) – 9.1, 9.2
  9. Colonel By (Gloucester) – 9.1, 9.0
  10. De La Salle – 9.1, 7.6

Parents can visit Fraser Institute online in order to compare their school’s academics with other schools in Ontario. Additionally, they can measure the schools past performance over the previous 5 years highlighting areas of improvement and decline.

For more information on how to read the Fraser rankings click here.


Written By: Jordan Coutinho, Our Kids Media

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