Mothers, take time for yourselves

A friend of mine, who has a teenaged son, told me “it only gets more difficult from this point. When you have teenagers, there are more demands and different struggles that eclipse the ease of toddlerhood.”  Her advice is to make sure to find time for yourself. Schedule time before your head hits the pillow every night for yourself, so you can go to bed with a clear head. Easy to say, but how is it done?

taking time for yourself

Now more than ever, I’m feeling time fly by so quickly. This year, every single weekend of my summer was planned. A good friend of mine, and a mother of two boys, has had her life planned that way for years now. We have to set dinner dates 2 months in advance…I thought that was crazy!  But that’s my life now. A couple of weeks ago, I got a wedding invitation in the mail for a September wedding….this September.  They don’t have kids yet, so they can have such spontaneity in their lives!

The month of September has always felt like the start of a new year for me.  This year, one of my resolutions is going to be to find that secret window of time for myself.

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