Open House: The Path to Nurturing a Child’s Full Potential Begins at Bayview Glen

The philosophy “Whole Child, Whole Life, Whole World” is at the centre of a Bayview Glen education. It focuses on the educational continuum from preschool through Grade 12, fostering values, abilities and friendships that last a lifetime. This philosophy embraces the real world beyond our walls in that we are co-educational, multicultural and multi-denominational; and it focuses on the whole child, nurturing each child’s full potential and confidence to succeed.

Educating the whole child involves identifying and nurturing talents. This requires that, as educators, we provide a wide range of interesting opportunities for students to explore—from arts to athletics, from Spanish to Mandarin, from robotics to Model United Nations, and from the youth and philanthropy initiative to DECA and Advanced Placement.

Bayview Glen Class Activity

Maximizing the Learning Potential of Boys and Girls

Our co-educational and multicultural environment is the real differentiating factor of a Bayview Glen education, maximizing the learning potential of both boys and girls. The focus in today’s education should not be on how boys and girls learn differently, but on personalizing the learning environment and differentiating instruction and assessment for all. The difference within the genders is often greater than those between the genders, and we must remain focused on what is gender shared and keep in mind that everything is a variable based on the individual person. Also, the research on leadership suggests that girls and boys need experience in both leading and following individuals of the opposite gender. This is accomplished easily in a co-educational environment.

Bayview Glen Outdoor Adventure

A Legacy With a Global Perspective

A cornerstone of a Bayview Glen education is its membership in Round Square, a worldwide association of schools on five continents that links our students’ local community to the world at large. The Round Square IDEALS of Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service are woven into the fabric of our school. This adds the international dimension so necessary in today’s education of global citizens and future leaders. When our students move on to university or enter the world of work, the global perspective becomes an important legacy from their time at Bayview Glen.

Our students live in a world where they will have to work and negotiate on equal terms with a far more diverse community than has been the case in the past. The co-educational and multicultural environment helps boys and girls interact as equals, capable of functioning competently together, not just in the classroom but later on in the workplace. As educators, we are in fact writing new rules on what it will take to be successful in the 21st century. Clearly, we must teach our students another skill set, one that includes an enhanced respect of both genders and all cultures in a “world where superiority will have no place.”

Many scientists now believe 20 per cent of a person’s outcome in life is the result of innate brain capacity. The other 80 per cent is based on what happens after birth. In summary, research suggests that while nurture and nature work in tandem, the way in which we, as educators and parents, nurture children plays a far more important role in how they learn and whether or not they succeed. This path begins at Bayview Glen.

Bayview Glen

Open House on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012, from 1 to 3 p.m.

Bayview Glen
275 Duncan Mill Road
Toronto, Ont., M3B 3H9

Contact for Admissions: Judy Maxwell, (416) 443-1030, ext. 605

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