#OurKids Tweet Chat: How Young Is Too Young For Social Media – Nov16 7pmPST-10pmEST

How young is too young for social media?

That is the question that many parents who have pre-teen children struggle with. It is an inevitable fact that as a parent, you will have to deal with this issue.

Many parents have been surprised when their tween has asked them the question; “Mom, Dad, kids in my class have a Facebook account. Can I have one too?”

There are so many different philosophies of thought on the subject and the answers to the question is as diverse as each individual situation.

Luckily, Our Kids will be bringing together many parents and experts to openly discuss this subject in a Tweeter Chat on November 16th 2011 at 7pm Pacific Time – 10pm Eastern Time.

THE SUBJECT: How Young is Too Young For Social Media?

Danielle Christopher will host the #OurKids TweetChat on Nov 16,2011

Our Kids is very lucky to have Danielle Christopher host and moderate the this event.

Danielle is a work-at-home mom of two miracle daughters.

Her work has appeared in many parenting websites including Yummy Mummy Club, The Momoir Project and Women’s Post.

In addition, she has contributed some of her works into a book entitled, “Wisdom Has A Voice: Every Daughters Memories of Mother about being motherless”.

When Danielle is not feeding her Twitter addiction she is publishing at her popular blog http://justdworld.com.

You can also follow her on Twitter @just_d_world

At this Twitter Chat, Danielle will be facilitating the answers to some popular questions such as:

1. Who has kids using social media, Facebook or Twitter?
2. At what age did your kids sign up? Or what age did they ask to sign up for Facebook?
3. Is social media a right or a privilege for your kids?
4. Do you impose any sort or restrictions or limitations on on your kids?
4. What hesitations you face in allowing your kids to open an account?
5. Do you have access to or moderate your kids accounts? Why or why not?
6. How often do you visit to “check-up” on your kids social comments and activities?
7. Do you proactively discuss cyber-bullying with your kids?
8. Is there any real social value in allowing your kids to have social media accounts?

During the course of the Tweet Chat, Danielle will be posing those questions and will be readily available to answer some of the difficult questions that well have on our minds.

To attend the chat, just follow the hash tag: #OurKids on twitter and join along in the conversation!

Event Sponsored by 2011 Vancouver Private School Expo

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