Back To School: Part 3 – The First Chapter

When I think about some of my favorite books, there is usually a common theme: the first chapter always has me hooked. A great book usually has a strong beginning. The reader may not understand where the story is going to end up, but they know they want to keep reading to find out.

The first few weeks back at school are a lot like the first chapter of the school year. Getting off to a strong start and keeping your kids interested is pivotal. Believe it or not, your kids are ready for the start of the school year. The first day of school, you’ll likely hear things like:

“I’m so happy to be back!”

I was so bored by the end of the summer!”

I missed my friends!”

What will we learn this year??”

It’s important to keep the enthusiasm ball rolling. Talk to your kids about their new teachers, textbooks, and classmates. Share with them stories of when you were in their grade – when you were learning long division or reading Charlotte’s Web for the first time. You and your child’s shared excitement and enthusiasm will feed off each other and help write a perfect first chapter in the story of the school year.

Below are some more tips to make sure your kids are getting excited and ready for the first day of the 2011-2012 school year:

  • Continue to talk to your kids – encourage them to discuss what may be areas of concern.  Older kids may be concerned about social issues – who will be in their class, what if they have to sit with someone they don’t like at lunch, what if they aren’t wearing the right clothes, what if they didn’t get the right school supplies.  As you reassure them, ask if they would like to hear your stories about what you experienced as a kid.  Do not hesitate to embellish details for a laugh or a gawk.
  • Together, set up the perfect study and homework place  (click on this article for some suggestions: “OurKids Blog“)
  • Get your kids back into a bedtime and wake up routine that fits school schedules.
  • Review important information like cell phone numbers, etc.  Copy them onto a 3×5 card and tuck it into the book bag.
  • Plan a first day of school dinner celebration with family.

And our final advice is … Remind your kids that you are always there for them!

* * * * *

Elaine Meyers, Founder – READS Homework Helper Follow us on Twitter @READS_HH

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