READS: What’s A Parent To Do

Forget unwinding from a long day.

You come in the door and so many things demand your attention: getting dinner on the table, catching up with your spouse, responding to email, spending time with the kids, and checking homework assignments. The list is endless.

With a hundred and one responsibilities lined up in no particular order, how can you be certain your elementary-aged child understood what he or she read during their required 20 minutes of homework reading?

The busy, education-conscious parent was the inspiration for READS – Really Easy and Dynamic Strategies. At READS, we believe that parents are the ultimate teachers, but also understand that handling this responsibility can be a time consuming task.

For years, we heard the concern from parents that truly wanted to be more involved with their child’s reading progress, but simply did not have the time. That’s why we developed READS, the award-winning tool that provides a simple system for parents and children to ensure that young readers comprehend what they’ve read and have fun while doing it.

This is how it works:

The program is based on a set of 30 question cards that help parents ensure that their children have absorbed and understood what they have read. A card is selected and the child goes off to read (while parents handle all of the other things on their plates).

After reading, the child then answers the question on the card verbally with the parent. By doing this, the child demonstrates comprehension of what was read and also begins a dialog with the parent that will help to develop the child’s critical thinking skills.

Saves parents time!

Perhaps the most common response we’ve heard from parents who have used our system is how much time READS has saved them. It is designed so that parents do not have to take the time to read the material in order to take part in their student’s reading journey. Parents are amazed at how much time they save by not having to read the book cover to cover.

Of course, there is a time and place for parents to read together. Times like these create long-lasting memories and forms bonds between parent and child. However, independent reading at a young age supports critical thinking skills while forming the foundation for a lifetime love of books.

Try letting your son or daughter select the reading material for independent reading. You will be thrilled when your child begins reading recreationally, and surprised to see the topics and books that pique their interest.

We invite you to check out our website ( for more information about READS.

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Elaine Meyers, Founder – READS Homework Helper

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