Student Scoop: Maplebrook 101 for New Students

Maplebrook School

Maplebrook School student Kate shares her experience of what it’s like going to boarding school, why she loves the programs and activities on campus, and what campus life is all about. Read more…

The Benefits of Private Schools: Our Kids TV Spotlight

VIDEO: Confidence and one on one education are just some of the benefits of Independent schools. Read more…

How Camp Helps Kids Develop Empathy

kids learning empathy at camp

Think camp is all about tangible skills? Check out how summer camp can help kids develop empathy and reach out to others. Read more…

Extracurricular Activities Help Students Succeed: Our Kids TV Spotlight

VIDEO: What is one of the secrets to students’ success? Watch this Our Kids TV video for an interview with life coach Ken Rabow on inspiring teens to be their best and improving their mental well-being. Read more…

How to Survive Screen-Free Week

How to survive screen free week

Need to unplug and clear your head? Check out these fun ways to participate in Screen-Free Week from April 30 to May 6, 2012. Read more…

Eight Ways to Improve Concentration Levels in Kids

Wondering how to help your child concentrate better? Here are some simple tips. Read more…

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