Benefits of ADHD Schools: Specialized Support for Children With ADHD

ADHD schools

Learn how private schools offer benefits unique from public schools to help support kids with ADHD. Read more…

Mental Health Series: Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Saving the Sad Generation

They are called the “sad generation,” the most medicated of all youth in history. Get key tips to reduce stress and improve self-esteem. Read more…

Eight Ways to Improve Concentration Levels in Kids

Wondering how to help your child concentrate better? Here are some simple tips. Read more…

Carly’s Voice Book Review: An Uplifting Story of the Human Spirit

In light of our autism Twitter chat tonight with special guest, Carly Fleischmann, her story continues to inspire people and families everywhere with her perseverance through the limitations of autism to give strength to others. Read more…

Underachievement And ADHD: Is There A Connection?

When professionals, or parents, conclude that a child is an “underachiever”, they might as well be swearing at the kid!

To Medicate Or Not To Medicate – ADHD

Is medication for the treatment of ADHD for everyone? Absolutely not! A proper diagnosis by a medical doctor is always the best first step but it’s unfortunate how many times well-intended people (teachers, relatives, etc.,) weigh in with their opinions.

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