How Can a Nanny Help Your Kids with Their Homework?

Your children’s nanny plays an important role in their lives by helping you setting up routines. Paulina Podgorsk, founder of SOS Sitter, shares how nannies can also contribute to this by helping kids with their homework. Read more…

Balancing School and Extracurriculars: The School First Attitude

Adopting a school first attitude

The benefits of extracurricular activities are numerous but employing a school first attitude can help children find a healthy balance between extracurricular pursuits, family life and school. Read more…

Eight Ways to Improve Concentration Levels in Kids

Wondering how to help your child concentrate better? Here are some simple tips. Read more…

3 Effective Ways to Help Kids Improve School Grades

Students play with their teacher at Academie Westboro in Ottawa, Ontario.

Do you want your child to do better in school? Follow these 3 easy steps for better grades and improved performance no matter what grade your child is in.

Help Your Kids Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Kids confidence and self esteem

A healthy self-esteem is your child’s key to a lifetime of success, mental health and happiness. Here are three proven ways to help increase confidence.

Are You Getting Results From Private Tutoring Companies?

Top Ten Homework Tips and Strategies

With so many tutoring companies using different methods, it’s a challenge for parents to find the right program that will give them satisfactory results.

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