Camp Expo 2014: Discover Your Adventure

Are you interested in learning about the different camps available to your child this March Break and summer? If so, come down to Roy Thompson Hall on February 23rd for the 2014 Camp Expo and speak with over 50 camps about attending this year. Read More…

How to Navigate the Earnings Question: Mom, What’s Our Income?

Mom, what’s our income? Here are a few suggestions from CICA on how to approach this important topic with your children. Read more…

Kids and Cell Phones: Text Liter8 Equals English Literate

A study conducted by Conventry University shows that kids who use abbreviations and slang in cell phone texting have higher literacy skills and literacy rates. Read more…

Back To School Meal Planning

Easy Meal Planning: Deconstructed Egg Sandwich

Make meal planning part of your weekly routine with these simple steps. Read more…

Gender Roles in a Family: Boys Will be Boys and Other Assumptions

Julie Cole: Mabel Mama of Many

Julie Cole discusses how gender roles have had an effect on her family and the assumptions made about kids who are just trying to be kids these days. Read more…

Expert Advice For Handling Your Child’s Sensitive Questions

Jennifer Vidal and kids

Get expert advice here for how to approach those tough questions your children ask and ensure you’re both happy with the answer! Read more…

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