Fraser Institute 2012 Rankings: Ontario High Schools Show Solid Progress, With Room to Grow

St. Michael's Choir School tops Fraser Institute Ontario rankings

Ontario high school students made significant progress in math over the last five years but didn’t show any notable improvement in literacy, the Fraser Institute found in its 2012 report card. Read more…

Our Kids Blog’s 10 Most Popular Posts of 2011

The 10 Most Popular Posts on the Our Kids Blog

You wanted it—and we gave you more in 2011. The topic that overwhelmingly captured your clicks this past year? Find out in Our Kids’ Top 10 list.

Fraser Institute 2011 Rankings: 40 Alberta High Schools Don’t Make the Grade

Fraser Institute Ontario Elementary Schools Report Card

The latest Fraser Institute rankings show private schools on top with the highest scores while 40 public and separate high schools across Alberta raise concerns with below-average academic results and no improvement over the past five years.

Fraser Institute 2011 Rankings: Ontario, B.C. and Yukon High Schools Improve in Exams

St. Michael's Choir School in Toronto was among the top-performing schools in the Fraser Institute's 2011 elementary school rankings, scoring a perfect 10 last year.

The Fraser Institute’s 2011 rankings have found that Ontario, B.C. and Yukon high school students performed better in exams. Private schools did better than public schools in B.C., scoring an average of 7.6, while the public average was 5.7 out of 10. Read more and join the discussion.

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