How ‘Bubble-Wrapped’ Kids Benefit From Camp

Camp Nominingue 2010 photo by Christinne Muschi

At first, the “bubble-wrapped” campers were only familiar with the digital realm of text messages, Facebook and video games. But by the end of camp, a new study found they experienced significant growth, connecting with the world beyond electronic screens and smartphones. Read the story and watch the videos.

The Importance of Developing Healthy Self-Esteem

Contrary to popular belief, the one thing that your child wants may not be a new car, new phone, or new game. Instead, research shows that the one thing most teenagers and young adults want is simply a compliment or any other type of instant self-esteem builder, like a good grade or approving hug. This yearning for self-esteem builders is not limited to teenagers, most young children will also actively seek out ways to boost their own self-esteem – and with good reason. A healthy sense of self and confidence is important to the mental health of children of all ages.

Social Aspects of the Public vs. Private Debate

Social Aspects of the Public vs. Private Debate

The public versus private school debate usually boils down to numbers and dollar signs with the social facets remaining largely overlooked. The truth is, however, that the students know best the real effects of attending a public or private school. If you are in the throes of deciding between these two educational systems for your child, do not neglect the social factors that your child will feel long after they’ve graduated.

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