First Time at Camp: The Drop Off

On the bus to camp!

There were tears. Not from my daughter, but from me. I was fine all morning and then when it was time to get the kids on the bus to go to KinderCamp at Camp Tanamakoon, I broke down…thank goodness for sunglasses!

My daughter was great. All the girls got on the bus, some came with friends and some on their own. The counsellor matched my daughter up with another girl and they automatically became friends…the little girl showed my daughter her purple bunny and she showed offer her newly painted nails.   We kissed, hugged and said goodbye and then waited near the bus as all the girls loaded.

The entire time I was nervous and filled with anxiety…still not 100% sure if my daughter is ready to go to camp on her own. The bus windows were tinted and I could see a group of counsellors huddled around the area where my daughter was sitting… were they trying to calm her down? Was she crying? Was she ready to bolt off that bus?… Then we saw a little head peek at the window with a smiling face waving at us! She was doing much better than I was! We waved and blew hundreds of kisses. Then doors closed and the bus took off. She’s off to camp!

Coming Up: The Pick Up

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