Toronto Prep School Open House: Striving for Academic and Personal Success

Upon first glance at Toronto Preparatory Academy, two things stand out.  First, classes begin at 10:00 in the morning, with extra help available from 9:00am.  Second, the school has a dress code, but no uniform.  Admissions Director Fouli Tsimikalis says the late start helps students concentrate and the extra support ensures students don’t fall behind.  Educators aim to provide students with direction and discipline by setting expectations high but without rigidity so as to allow students to foster their individual strengths and become independent.  Plus, says Tsimikalis, attending a co-educational, non-denominational, semestered school helps students make an easier transition from high school to university.

Striving for Academic Excellence

A rigorous academic curriculum is at the core of the Toronto Prep experience.  “The Toronto Prep School is completely dedicated to providing a superior academic program for the children of parents who value the importance of knowledge, technology, individuality, responsibility, and integrity in a safe, nurturing, and highly motivated environment,” says Tsimikalis.  Core values of hard work, personal responsibility, respect and leadership are also seen as an integral part of students’ success both at Toronto Prep and beyond.

Toronto Prep encourages students to set high standards in all areas of their lives.  Students here are accountable for their own success. If assignments are not completed to expected levels, they must be redone.  If homework is incomplete, students must attend after school study sessions.  “We are committed to developing students who are confident and responsible and exhibit the values necessary to become effective communicators, informed and productive thinkers, self-directed learners, collaborative workers, and skilled information processors and problem solvers,” says Tsimakalis.

Pushing Students Beyond Their Comfort Zone

Taking students beyond their comfort zone is seen as opening the pathway to success.  For this reason, Toronto Prep doesn’t ask students to simply memorize facts but to have a deep understanding and apply the knowledge they’ve acquired.  “We believe that true learning occurs when students are pushed beyond their comfort zone, when students are asked to think of alternatives, when students are asked to justify their answers, when students are asked to breakdown their thought process”, says Tsimikalis.

A Focus on Character Development

While a challenging curriculum encourages students to push themselves academically, character development is seen as equally important in the total educational experience.  In fact, admittance is not based on test scores alone, but demonstrations of good character, work habits and values of hard work, integrity and respect.

Giving back to society is an important component of a Toronto Prep education.  Students go beyond the standard of 40 hours of community service and strive for at least 100 hours.  Toronto Prep students have participate in a number of charity drives and have raised over $70,000 for a number of causes including The Red Door Shelter, Ronald McDonald House, Sick Kids, Habitat for Humanity, Daily Food Bank, Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, Movember, and Kisses for Haley.

Students are also presented with a variety of opportunities for personal growth including a wealth of extra-curricular activities from fashion design to robotics; and an onsite Wellness Room offering mindfulness classes to help students navigate the tumultuous adolescent years. All students are also offered memberships to GoodLife fitness and are encouraged to challenge themselves physically.


Want to learn more about Toronto Prep? Talk one on one with teachers, parents and students and get a tour this February 20th at the Toronto Prep School Open House!

Open House Event Details 

Date: Saturday, February 20, 2016

Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

RSVP: Mrs. Fouli Tsimikalis, Director of Admissions, 416.545.1020, [email protected]




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