Trinity College School Open House: Educating the Hearts and Minds of Tomorrow’s Leaders

At Trinity College School, students become part of a unique educational tradition that values character and service, as well as academics, leadership and the arts. Visit Trinity in Action on May 5 and see why one of Canada’s oldest co-ed boarding and day schools has stood the test of time.  

Developing habits of the heart and mind for purpose and service isn’t just a mission statement at Trinity College School; it takes place in its classrooms and corridors every day.

The coeducational school, which is one of the oldest in Canada, enriches its strong academic focus with a culture of friendship, character-building and community service that is built into the very foundation of the school community. Lessons learned, friendships made, and habits formed at TCS last a lifetime.

“We emphasize that with privilege comes the responsibility of serving others and giving back to our community,” says Jennifer Boyko, admissions officer at TCS. “We help our students become leaders of character and vision, and believe a service learning programme provides many powerful learning opportunities.”

TCS’s stunning 100-acre campus in the heart of Port Hope draws both local and international students from more than 30 countries, maximizing learning opportunities through its diverse, carefully-considered population.

The Junior School offers a supportive environment where students are encouraged to explore their strengths and become active participants in academics, arts, athletics, and co-curricular activities. Teachers work closely with students to nurture good study habits, critical thinking and observational skills, and instil values of academic success, positive decision making and informed citizenship.

At the Senior School, students embrace each day as a journey of self-discovery. Living and learning with a community of like-minded peers, boarding students develop independence and the freedom to explore new endeavours in a safe environment. With more than 250 students living on campus, a second family filled with classmates, housemates, teachers and coaches is formed. The close-knit environment is marked by respect, shared values and a mutual drive to succeed.

Senior students transform into leaders through opportunities to become counsellors, friends and advocates to the younger students, as well as through their participation in sports teams, clubs, societies and stewardship.

The strong Liberal Arts programme at TCS introduces students to a variety of disciplines and prepares them for lives of purpose and service. The school’s fine arts department and rich co-curricular arts programming play a vital role in the well-rounded education the school provides. Students have opportunities to learn alongside professionals in all arts disciplines and have the advantage of learning in on-campus state-of-the-art facilities.

“It is our goal to graduate students with creative, passionate involvement and understanding of the cultural life of their communities as well as the refined skills in one or more arts disciplines,” Boyko says.

Prospective students and their families are invited to tour the Junior and Senior schools, meet the headmaster, faculty and students, and gain insights into student life at Trinity In Action.  Both Senior and Junior applicants may write the school’s entrance test at this event. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to visit TCS and learn more about how it can enhance your child’s educational journey.


Open House / Trinity in Action

Date: Saturday, May 5

Time: 8:45 a.m.

RSVP: Contact TCS Admissions at 905-885-3209

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