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Brampton private schools

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Brampton is an ideal place for your child to go to school. It has the youngest average population in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Known as "the flower city," is Brampton has some fantastic private schools.

Brampton has many different private schools, including preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools. Like other cities in Canada and Ontario, it also has many different types of private schools, including schools for kids with special needs, learning disabilities (such as ADHD), Montessori, Christian, and Catholic schools.

Brampton also has a number of schools with advanced study programs. This includes schools with gifted, advanced placement, and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.

IB programs are a special focus in Brampton, and are offered at the elementary, middle, and high school level. At the high school level, students graduate with an IB diploma, which is highly respected by and great preparation for universities in Canada and across the world. The IB curriculum is administered and sanctioned by an international committee.  

Private schools in Brampton have a number of benefits. They include the following: 

Choosing the right school in Brampton

There may not be such a thing as the "perfect school." However, there are many steps parents in Brampton can take to ensure that your child is in the right environment. Some necessary steps might include:

Understanding your child

You may wish to speak with an educational psychologist or expert. Furthermore, you should also make a list of your child's strengths and weaknesses.

The school needs to understand your child

One of the most common misconceptions that parents have is that getting accepted into a private school is the most important part of the admissions process. In reality, you should provide the school with as much detail as you possibly could through your written application and in-person interview. Brampton private schools will help you identify whether there is a good fit for your child.

Note factors that you look for in a private school

What is most important to you? Are you looking for small class sizes? Do you want a school with really good extracurricular programs? Talking to a school's students and their parents is a really good way to glean honest answers to such questions.

Think about yourself

Many schools may not be right for you. For instance, if a private school is really far, the drive might be too much for you. Or, suppose you have two kids going to a school that is not close to your home. If one of them wants to stay after school and the other needs to get home, you might have to make two trips. Be sure to consider your own needs.

Begin the process early

Most private schools in Brampton have application deadlines as early as 16 months prior to the planned time of enrolment. Start the process well in advance to make sure that you have the time for thorough research, and visit more than one school. Indeed, you ought to ensure that you have a few good options.

Find the right school for you. Below, we list schools in Brampton for kids of different ages, interests, and abilities.

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List of Brampton private schools

    School NameTypePaceCost

    Walden International School (est. 2014)

    • Brampton, Ontario
    • JK to 6 Coed
    • Day school
    Walden International School is pursuing authorization to become an IB World School. With a unique student-centred focus, it prepares all students to become globally responsible citizens. [View profile]
    • Liberal Arts
    Accelerated$10,000 to $20,000Kindergarten Elementary Coed Day10000

    Tall Pines School (est. 1987)

    • Brampton, Ontario
    • PS to 8 Coed
    • Day school (480 students)
    Tall Pines School in Brampton provides enhanced Montessori and traditional classes from Infant to Grade Eight, is the longest accredited CCMA Montessori school in Canada, and is a leader in 21st Century education. [View profile]
    • Montessori
    Student-paced$8,720 to $19,748Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Coed Day8720

    Rowntree Montessori Schools (RMS) (est. 1969)

    • Brampton, Ontario
    • PS to 8 Coed
    • Day school (400 students)
    Rowntree Montessori Schools is a montessori school that offers programs from Pre-kindergarten to Grade 8 in Brampton. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    • Montessori
    Standard-enriched$4,300/program to $11,700Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Coed Day4300

    Brampton Christian School (est. 1977)

    • Caledon, Ontario
    • JK to 12 Coed
    • Day school (550 students)
    Brampton Christian School in Caledon, Ontario, offers JK to Grade 12, with average class sizes from 17 to 19 students and a one-student tuition cost of $10,290. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$10,497Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day10497

    King's College School: International Schools for Bright and Gifted Children (est. 1994)

    • Caledon, Ontario
    • 3 to 12 Coed
    • Day school (48 students)
    King's College School: International Schools for Bright and Gifted Children offers programs for grades three to 12 in Caldeon. [View profile]
    • Progressive
    Standard-enriched$17,250 to $30,000MiddleSchools HighSchools Coed Day Homestay9999999999

    John Knox Christian School - Brampton (est. 1959)

    • Brampton, Ontario
    • JK to 8 Coed
    • Day school (200 students)
    Our exceptional staff, excellent programs, and first-rate curriculum have helped us earn a reputation for turning out graduates who are "rooted in faith" and "growing in knowledge." [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Standard-enriched$11,950Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Coed Day11950

    Maranatha Christian Academy

    • Brampton, Ontario
    • JK to 8 Coed
    • Day school
    Maranatha Christian Academy is a private Christian School located at 395 North Park Drive,Brampton,On. Tuition from JK - GR 8 is $450 - $500 per month. [View profile]
    • Traditional
    Student-paced$4,500 to $5,000Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Coed Day4500

    Home Sweet Home Montessori Academy

    • Caledon, Ontario
    • PS to 3 Coed
    • Day school (60 students)
    Home Sweet Home Montessori Academy offers our students an environment with an array of programming which supports them in discovering their passion within! [View profile]
    • Montessori
    Student-paced$9,000 to $12,000Preschool Kindergarten Elementary Coed Day9999999999

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