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Caledon Private Schools

Caledon Private Schools

Find schools in Caledon listed below.

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Private schools in Caledon and other centres allow your child(ren) to take part in the exact educational programs or be taught from the educational perspective that is right for them. Many private schools offer smaller class sizes and focused instruction. Caledon private schools and private schools all over produce many of the finest minds in business, industry, politics and other sectors.

Find private schools in Caledon, Ontario listed below.

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List of Caledon Private Schools


  • Name
  • Cost
  • Home Sweet Home Montessori Academy   2939 Old School Road , Caledon, Ontario, L7C 0X7
    (Hwy 10 / Old School)

    • Preschool to Gr. 3 (Coed)
    • Day school (60 students)
    Home Sweet Home Montessori Academy offers our students an environment with an array of programming which supports them in discovering their passion within!  
    • Montessori
    • Student- paced
    • French immersion
    $9,000 to $12,000 /year
    Day Coed 9000 2-8 Caledon

    Brampton Christian School (est. 1977)   12480 Hutchinson Farm Lane, Caledon, Ontario, L7C 2B6

    • JK to Gr. 12 (Coed)
    • Day school (550 students)
    Brampton Christian School in Caledon, Ontario, offers JK to Grade 12, with average class sizes from 17 to 19 students and a one-student tuition cost of $10,290.  
    School Expo Exhibitor - Halton-Peel
    • Traditional
    • Standard- enriched
    • Christian
    $10,497 /year
    Day Coed 10497 3-17 Caledon

    King's College School: International Schools for Bright and Gifted Children (est. 1994)   16379 The Gore Road, Caledon, Ontario, L7E 0X4

    • Gr. 3 to Gr. 12 (Coed)
    • Day school (48 students)
    • Homestay school (5 students)
    King's College School: International Schools for Bright and Gifted Children offers programs for grades three to 12 in Caldeon.  
    • Progressive
    • Standard- enriched
    • Gifted
    $17,250 to $30,000 /year
    Day Homestay Coed 17250 8-17 Caledon

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