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Cricket camps and clubs for kids

Find summer cricket camps for beginners and more advanced players


Cricket can be great fun. It’s a sport that children of all ages can enjoy. Luckily, in Canada, there are lots of cricket camps and clubs to choose from. While most of these are summer camps, you can also find winter, March break, and after school cricket lessons and programs.

What is cricket?

Cricket has some similarities to the sport of baseball, popular in North America. Cricket is a game with a bat and ball and two teams with eleven players each. It’s played on a field with a pitch in the centre with a target called a “wicket.”

Like baseball, cricket matches are divided into innings, in which a team bats and tries to score as runs. The object is to score as many runs as possible. Cricket matches normally last much longer than baseball games. Sometime they can last as long as four or five days

What does a cricket camp have to offer?

Cricket is a great summer activity. In a summer cricket camp in Canada, your child will receive cricket training from experienced coaches. Depending on their experience level, they’ll either learn the basics of cricket or learn its finer points.

In either case, they’ll take part in a wide range of drills and workouts. They’ll also learn some important skills:

  • Bowling
  • Centre wicket play
  • Running
  • Fielding
  • Batting
  • Wicket keeping

Likely, your child will also take part in cricket matches and games, though much shorter than regular matches. If they’re an advanced player, they may also participate in cricket leagues and tournaments, and play with other high-level kids.

No matter your child’s age or level, they’re sure to have great fun at a cricket camp. Some other perks of cricket camps and clubs include the following:


Below, find a list of cricket camps and clubs in Canada. This includes cricket camps in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver. Click on a camp to learn more about it and register your child today.




List of Cricket camps and programs

   Special Needs Support: Mild    Specialized   
Camps offering Cricket as an activity
Academic Camp Canada   
A challenging academic camp with 30 hours of learning per week, including sciences, maths and even robotics, complimented with exciting activities and trips on a spectacular waterfront campus on the Pacific Ocean!

Mill Bay; International

Education (multi)

  • Ages 12 to 18
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $6,000/3 weeks
Day, Overnight Coed 6000 12-18 0 Mill Bay, International
Camp North Star   
A co-ed overnight camp on 200 acres in Poland, Maine. Campers enjoy an elective program with 100+ choices that focuses on instruction and skill development in Arts, Athletics, Enrichment, Outdoors and Waterfront.


Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 7 to 17
  • Coed
  • Overnight
from $3,100/session
Overnight Coed 3100 7-17 1 Maine
Where Kids learn about Money & the World. Experience different cultures, learn about Money Management, Open your own business and immerse in fun activities, sports and music .

Leaside, Toronto

Education (multi)

  • Ages 7 to 14
  • Coed
  • Day
from $275/week
Day Coed 275 7-14 2 Leaside, Toronto
Lovell International Camps   
Canadian run camp in the Swiss Alps. Offering a host of sports and activities including: Language, Skiing, Tennis, Golf, Horse Riding, Hiking, Mountain Biking, River Rafting, Cultural Excursions & Overnight Expeditions.


Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 6 to 18
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $800/session
Day, Overnight Coed 800 6-18 3 International
Black Creek Pioneer Village Day Camp   
An educational day camp for children 5 to 12. Kids get to experience life in the 1860s while playing games and learning new skills.

Downsview, Toronto

Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 5 to 12
  • Coed
  • Day
from $205/week
Day Coed 205 5-12 4 Downsview, Toronto
Del Active Sports Camp   
An active sports camp that offers programs in hockey and multi-sport. Children of all skill levels can enjoy sessions with a focus in skill development, teamwork, and fun games.

Summerhill, Toronto

Sport (multi)

  • Ages 6 to 12
  • Coed
  • Day
from $180/week
Day Coed 180 6-12 5 Summerhill, Toronto