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Great Big Theatre Company

Spring Acting Classes Level Two

Great Big Theatre Company  []

Session Details:
11:30 am to 01:00 pm
Theatre Arts
Age (Gender):
9 - 13 (Coed)
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The students focus on producing and performing a play. Strategy and problem solving skills are gained through active involvement in scripted plays and dramatic scenes, as well as through playwriting. Role play and characterization are developed through forms such as improvisation, reader's theatre and musical theatre Stage presence is built through the use of such tools as tableaux, positioning, stage blocking, direction and vocalizing. The students learn technical terms to communicate ideas in dramatic context. They are encouraged to use their imaginations to create fun movement routines, free-style improvisations and dance choreographies set to music. Vocal spontaneity and clarity is expressed through songs, choral pieces and vocal exercises A presentation for parents & friends will take place at the last class of each workshop session. The final class of each level 2 session consists of 60 minutes dress rehearsal & 30 minutes presentation. During the rehearsal sessions, everyone joins in the excitement of getting ready to share their efforts with an audience. All show costumes and props are provided and each student gets a chance to select those that best meet their character's needs.

This program is offered at 25 separate locations;  please see visit our Web site at http://www.gbtc.com to see the full list

Session Dates & Locations:
London, ON
350 Queens Avenue
Apr 07-Jun 09, 2018 $180 - $230
York Mills, ON
19 Don Ridge Drive
Apr 07-Jun 09, 2018 $180 - $230
Oakville, ON
1415 Trafalgar Road
Apr 07-Jun 09, 2018 $180 - $230
Cambridge, ON
1620 Franklin Boulevard
Apr 07-Jun 09, 2018 $180 - $230
Hamilton, ON
29 Park Street West
Apr 07-Jun 09, 2018 $180 - $230
Vaughan, ON
8018 Yonge Street
Apr 07-Jun 09, 2018 $180 - $230
Burlington, ON
2464 Dundas Street
Apr 07-Jun 09, 2018 $180 - $230
Waterloo, ON
145 Lincoln Road
Apr 07-Jun 09, 2018 $180 - $230
Richmond Hill, ON
10201 Yonge Street
Apr 07-Jun 09, 2018 $180 - $230
Mississauga, ON
3020 Vanderbilt Road
Apr 07-Jun 09, 2018 $180 - $230
  • Session starts at 11:30 am and ends at 1:00 pm.


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  • Theatre Arts
Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive