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October 10, 2017

Amir Asor, Founder of e², Entrepreneur of the Year winner 2011

Amir Asor, Founder of e² Young Engineers, Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

Amir Asor wears many hats in the e² Young Engineers organization; he is the founder, managing director and visionary. But did you also know he’s a distinguished recipient of the Youth Business International (YBI) Entrepreneur of the Year award?

The Award

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award is a prestigious honor that recognizes exceptional contributions made by successful young entrepreneurs to their respective fields. The award focuses on the impact that these business owners and their companies have made on their local communities. Asor was awarded the honor due to the jobs and innovation that e² Young Engineers, was able to create while fulfilling the education enrichment needs of the world.

Founded by Prince Charles in 2000, Youth Business International (YBI) has played a vital role in helping young, aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their own business. Since the organization was formed 15 years ago, it has created a global network of independent non-profit initiatives that operate in over 40 countries. YBI’s main goal has always been to aid young people in achieving their entrepreneurial dreams by providing them the proper training and resource.

Besides helping to create a generation of successful entrepreneurs around the world, YBI also does an excellent job recognizing and awarding their individual achievements. Each year YBI holds its annual Young Entrepreneur Awards, where they hand out awards for categories such as mentorship, social entrepreneurship, female leadership and, of course, the coveted Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

e² Young Engineers

Since winning the award, Amir has helped build e² Young Engineers  into one of the fastest-growing enrichment franchises in the world, opening locations in 18 countries with more on the way. e² Young Engineers utilizes custom LEGO® brick kits to help teach theoretical science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts to children of all ages. Their sessions provide supplemental education and theoretical knowledge of STEM topics through the use of K’nex®, Engino® and LEGO® brick kits and specialized lesson plans.


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E2 Young Engineers-Central Mississauga
Amir Asor, Founder of e², Entrepreneur of the Year winner 2011