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October 9, 2015

Breakfast Television Heroheads and Pedalheads

In July 2015, Breakfast Television did a great feature of both our Heroheads superhero camp and Pedalheads Bike Camp programs.

Heroheads is an instructionally based camp where children participate in drills and activities to learn seven basic physical skills:

- Locomotion (run, jump, skip and climb)
- Agility
- Throwing
- Catching
- Balance
- Kicking
- Hand-eye coordination

Much like Pedalheads®, the skills are be broken down into manageable chunks and will be progressive. Instructors give kids plenty of feedback and practice time during the camp. The focus will be on building excitement for the daily events. 

This fun instructional based development camp uses drills and activities such as:

- Daily mini-challenges
- Obstacle Courses
- The "Super Seven Challenge"

On the last day of the program, kids test their new super power skills on the "Super 7 Challenge", a seven station obstacle course where they are awarded with a cape and mask!

Check out the below videos of some of the kids running through the Heroheads Super 7 Challenge.

Heroheads Feature 1 http://www.bttoronto.ca/videos/4357728498001/
Heroheads Feature 2 http://www.bttoronto.ca/videos/4357775413001/

For additional videos of our Pedalheads program as focused on by Breakast TV, please see below:

Pedalheads Feature 1
Pedalheads Feature 2
Pedalheads Feature 3

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