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Laurus Summer Camp - March 21, 2018

How to Maintain Your Child's Academic Progress!

It is not easy to keep our kids motivated over the summer months to keep up and practice their academic skills. But here is how you can!

Laurus Summer Camp - March 15, 2018

Junior Campers - How to Keep them Safe

We’d like to share our thoughts on a common concern for parents: how to keep kids motivated to keep up with school practices over summer

Laurus Summer Camp - February 21, 2018

Separation Anxiety: Avoiding the Monday Morning Meltdown

That Monday Morning Meltdown can be tough for your child, but also for you. Let's talk about making it easier!

Laurus Summer Camp - February 20, 2018

Self-Directed Learning!

Self directed learning is more about giving kids the freedom to do what they want, it is about pushing them in the right direction...

Laurus Summer Camp - February 13, 2018

Making Kids Resilient: The Long Term Benefits of Day Camp

Have you ever thought "what's the point of day camp?" Well, there are many benefits to sending your kids to a camp....read more!

Laurus Summer Camp - February 9, 2018

Cooking With Kids: Building Healthy Habits for Life

Do you remember being in the kitchen with your parents growing up and helping them cook? Well why not do that with your kids?

Laurus Summer Camp - February 8, 2018


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Learn about the recent YouTube trend geared at streaming inappropriate content to our kids!

Laurus Summer Camp - February 7, 2018


There are thousands of articles published about what to do with siblings at camp and school - we narrowed it down for you!

Laurus Summer Camp - February 7, 2018


From Cooking To Coding: Laurus Lifestyles will introduce a Kid's Coding class to their programming for 2018 - Read More here!

Laurus Summer Camp - October 25, 2017

2017 Lauch of the Laurus Lifestyles Blog

Laurus Camp is working to provide parents with a quality, unique, and dynamic way to stay in touch with family matters and their community!

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