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January 24, 2018

Enrollment is now OPEN!!!!

We want to invite you to register to our summer and winter classes. We offer two programs during the year and camps in the summer, winter and during the Jewish holidays. 

Big builders: 4-6 (age)

Overview of Big Builder Curriculum

e2 Young Engineers’ strong core values surround the concept of education through play. We believe that lessons are learned and absorbed more easily through hands-on experiential learning. That is why our students will finish the Big Builders enrichment programming having a better understanding of everyday mathematic and scientific concepts.Big Builder lessons include discussions about shapes, spatial recognition and moveable verse immovable parts. Our instructors use proper math and science terminology familiarizing students with more accurate language of the field.

Brick challenge Grade 1 to 6
Young Engineers participating in Bricks Challenge can expect to finish the program having learned important theoretical and practical lessons in science and much more.

Please click this link to register for sessions: https://bookwhen.com/northvaughane2youngengi

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Amir Haimove

Phone Number:
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e2 Young Engineers - North Vaughan
Enrollment is now OPEN!!!!