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May 16, 2018

Preventing Bullying: How to Intervene at Your Child’s School

Let’s talk about bullying at school. Whether it’s a physical or emotional abuse, your child should never feel unsafe at school. If your child is being bullied, do not hesitate to contact their school’s principal. In doing so, you can work with your child’s school to prevent the bullying from continuing.

In addition to our camp experience, many of us in the Laurus Crew are also teachers and school monitors. We’ve worked with administrators, teachers, parents, and kids to intervene with bullying before. Drawing from our experience, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to approaching your child’s school about bullying.

1.    Ask your child for details

In order to intervene effectively, you’ll need to know details of the incident(s). Ask your child what exactly happened: when, where, and who with.

Also ask your child whether or not they told an adult at school. If so, did the adult intervene? How? Did it help?

Write all of this down. Now you’re ready to make an appointment.

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