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November 13, 2017

Introducing Tall Ship Adventure Camps!

We are proud to offer a world-class learning experience for adventurous boys and girls!   We will be taking part of the Tall Ship Races 2018 in Scandinavia.  No prior sailing experience is required.  These are divided into three sailing segments sailing to/from England, Norway and the Netherlands, depending on which leg you select.   You can choose one, two, or all three of these legs!  During this sail, students receive instruction in English and undertake team-building activities - all in all a well-rounded experience that will help cultivate confidence and leadership. With opportunities to witness incredible natural wonders, the camp places a strong emphasis on health, wellness, seamanship and geographical and geological history.  With hands-on teamwork and decision-making, our shipboard environment offers a dramatic catalyst for personal development as well as real-life social and environmental choices. Students develop global networks and mature as people, giving them a deeper understanding of real leadership.  On board, students learn basic seamanship and also enjoy extracurricular activities that further enhance communication skills while they make new friends. On shore, students learn from cultural, geographical and recreational activities selected to provide a well-rounded experience.  At harbour, depending on which of the three organized races you join, there are organized excursions and events designed to enhance your cultural experience.  Learn more in our profile page and please feel free to email us at anytime with your questions.  Happy Holidays from all of us aboard The Wylde Swan!

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