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Rooks to Cooks
Rooks to Cooks
locations: Davisville Village, Toronto; The Beach, Toronto; Baby Point, Toronto

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Shai Mandel

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(416) 558-5667×


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Rooks to Cooks

Rooks to Cooks

Locations: Davisville Village, Toronto; The Beach, Toronto; Baby Point, Toronto

Day camp, After-school / weekend classes
Special Needs:
Yes, Mild support (Not all campers have special needs)
$380 to $475/week
5 to 14

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Contact Name:
Shai Mandel

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About this camp


Is your child Hungry for FUN? If so, then Rooks to Cooks has the camp for you! With 10 sessions to choose from, our cooking programs are ideal for all aspiring chefs. Classes are hands-on, educational, team-based and FUN. Campers will learn various cooking skills and recipes, and how to safely navigate a kitchen. We are committed to our mission to help students become more independent, in and out of the kitchen. Our camp experience creates amazing memories that will remain for years to come! This summer we have added many new camp locations throughout the GTA. Check out our website for the session and location that works best for you. All snacks and meals PLUS a chef coat and apron are included in the registration cost!

Camp Address
Davisville Village, Toronto, The Beach, Toronto, Baby Point, Toronto

Upcoming Events February 11, 2018

upcoming events
  • February 20, 2016: Visit this camp at the Toronto Camp Expo
    Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2J5
    Join us Saturday, February 20 from 12:00 pm - 04:00 pm

    The annual Our Kids Camp Expo at Roy Thomson Hall is a chance for families to meet 70+ camps of all stripes (day, overnight, adventure, sports, arts, education) serving the Toronto market.

Director's Message


Shai Mandel, Founder and CEO

Rooks to Cooks was founded by Chef Shai Mandel, a chef and teacher. Shai has been working in kitchens her whole life, having a passion for food and cooking since childhood. While completing a Kinesiology degree at Wilfrid Laurier University, she would spend her free time working in the culinary industry, dedicated to perfecting her skills. In her 6+ years working as a chef, Shai has worked with some of the most renowned chefs in Canada, especially appreciating the friendship and guidance she received from Jonathan Goodyear, executive chef for Magna Golf Club and finalist of Top Chef Canada, Season 3. Shai has held various positions in all aspects of the industry from pastry and large quantity production, to fine dining. During her career as a chef, Shai had the opportunity to train many people in various positions. It was through this training that she discovered not only her passion for cooking, but her passion for teaching.

Shai attended teachers college at Wilfrid Laurier University, officially becoming an Ontario Certified Teacher in 2015. While working as a student teacher for the Waterloo Region School Board, Shai organized and implemented various cooking after-school programs and events, falling in love with teaching youth how to cook and bake. She held the position of Lead Instructor at Summer Chef School in Waterloo, where she developed the curriculum and lessons for the school. During this experience, she had the privilege of teaching over 320 kids of all ages the culinary arts. Since then, Shai had a vision of opening her own children's cooking school in Toronto. This dream became a reality with the birth of Rooks to Cooks.

Accommodation & Property Details

Property details

Washrooms Facilities

  • Flush Toilets


  • Open Field

Cost & Financial Aid


Cost: $380 to $475 /week

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes

Stories & Testimonials


Learn a lot and have fun too!

"A few days late but I just wanted to say how much my daughter enjoyed the Budding Bakers Sr. camp with you and your helpers. She learned a lot and had a ton of fun. She really enjoyed the pop-up restaurant challenge. We loved it too! Yummy! Thank you to you and your team for making the experience so much fun and so positive. Looking forward to more cooking adventures on the horizon :-)"

Picky Eaters No More!

"My kids absolutely loved Rooks To Cooks and chef Shai!

If your kids are picky eaters, you should definitely try this class - chef Shai will get them to try anything, and I mean anything! By the end of her class, my child, who would only eat pasta (no sauce), made his own sushi and ate it too!

The summer camp is also great, the pop-up restaurant at the end of the week is awesome. It's a full scale production and kids have a blast.

Definitely recommend it!"

From Rook to Cook

"My 6 year old daughter just completed a week at Rooks to Cooks and loved it! She developed a real interest in cooking and will definitely be returning next year. Chef Shai is amazing and I would highly recommend this camp!"


"My 10yr son just completed a week of Rooks to Cooks and had a fantastic time! He learned so much and really enjoyed every bit of it. This camp was well organized and I am so impressed with the meals they made. Chef Shai and her team did a great job inspiring the kids to want to learn more about cooking and help out with meals at home! I highly recommend this camp. :)"


"Great class, the restaurant at the end really helped complete the week and taught us all how a real restaurant operates. All the recipes are amazing. Thanks Chef Shai"

Pie Birthday Party

"Rooks for Cooks did a wonderful Pie Making Class for my daughter's birthday party. The girls loved it, as did my husband and I!! Chef Shai and her team are fun, engaging, organized and professional. I would definitely do it again!"

Pie Class

"I took a pie making class with Shai and she was incredible. I had cooked and baked my whole life but she taught me specific things about dough that I never knew. Not just for pies but for other baked goods as well. Now that I know, I always use her techniques. And everybody now loves my baking!!"

Slam-Dunking Doughnuts

"Shai is an AMAZING teacher! She's funny, welcoming and has an answer for every question. While teaching me to make some killer donuts she even taught me a bit of the chemistry involved, which I really enjoyed (and it's not easy to make chemistry interesting). Gotta give her a 5/5 :)"

From Prep to Plating

"In just a couple of hours, I learned so much about cooking. I never thought I'd be able to make better dumplings than the one's I'd get from my favourite restaurants. From prep to plating, you remained patient and thoughtful - you are very passionate about teaching people how to cook. I can't wait to learn more from you!"

Winning Way With Kids

"Chef Shai Mandel has a winning way with kids. She is warm, engaging, patient and funny. Above all, she is passionate about teaching kids and youth that eating well and preparing home-cooked food is a life skill. Her lessons are fuss-free, practical and kids love them. Shai knows that the earlier in life that you start learning how to cook simple meals, the better, and her approach builds a young person's independence and encourages their interest in how to eat fresh food well!"

Where fun meets practical knowledge

"Shai is an amazing teacher. She manages to be engaging and fun while imparting practical knowledge. Her recipes are wonderful and her food is delicious! My son did some in-home private lessons with Shai. He learned a lot and enjoyed his experience tremendously." 

Two Amazing Experiences with Chef Shai.

"I've had two amazing experiences with chef Shai. First was a pie baking class last summer where we made the best apple pie I've ever tasted. Then Chef Shai taught a group of 8 friends how to prepare various fish dishes with amazing sides and dessert. We all had a blast and got to learn from the most wonderful teacher. I would highly recommend Shai to young and not so young wannabe cooks. Her style and expertise are superb."

Learning to Cook with Rooks to Cooks was so much fun!

"Learning to cook with Rooks to Cooks was so much fun! Shai is patient, kind, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. She made advanced skills manageable and in two hours I created what felt like a gourmet meal. Learning to cook myself has always been uninspiring. With Shai's knowledge, I feel I will have the tools to cook more on my own. The cost of lessons will pay in health and reduced take out! Thanks Shai."

My Kids Can't Stop Raving About Shai!!

"My kids can't stop raving about Shai!!!

We've had two in-home classes now and I have nothing but good things to say. My sons, 6 and 8, love their classes. The classes are fun but they are also actually learning cooking techniques and knife skills. My younger son is a ridiculously picky eater but after just two classes with Shai he's become more willing to try new foods.

Shai is engaging and lots of fun and as a trained teacher, she can maintain order and hold kids attention. I highly recommend Rooks to Cooks."

Thanks for the Macarons and tips

"Shai taught me how to make Macarons, and even how to do swirly patterns and stuff on them. You were so thoughtful and attentive in the lesson! Thanks Shai!!!"

Thanks Chef Shai

"Thanks to Chef Shai for a wonderfull, delicious and informative sushi cooking class for my daughter's 17th birthday. Her friends and I learned how to make professional grade sushi, tempura, sauces and how to dice and slice like professional chefs. I have highly recommended our experience to other friends and will absolutely do another class very soon."

Thank you!

"Thanks for the amazing sushi class, Shai! My friends and I had a blast and the sushi was amazing!"

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Camp Locations

  • Davisville Village, Toronto
    111 Manor Road East, Toronto, Ontario, M4S 1R4
  • The Beach, Toronto
    140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 2T4
  • Baby Point, Toronto
    680 Annette Street, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 2C8

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Shai Mandel

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