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Radiant Girls

March Break Chairty Leadership Retreat

Radiant Girls  []

Session Details:
Day Camp
Age (Gender):
10 - 14 (All Girls)
Special needs support:
Not all campers have special needs

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This March Break Radiant Girls will be facilitating a unique leadership camp designed to teach girls between 10-14 how to make a difference in our community. Attendees of the camp will design and implement a charity fundraiser for underprivileged youth in Burlington in just one week. Their mission's intent will be to provide much needed food and resources for the ROCK (Reach out for kids) community centres. 

This leadership program incorporates all the necessary skills to design and implement a successful event, be a leader and a solid team player, and appreciate the value of contribution to the lives of others. All of these skills will be taught through fun, interactive and playful activities. Girls will experience Art & Design, Photography, Acting Games, Team Challenges, Mindfulness, Outdoor Activities and just down right fun! Girls will work hard, play hard, and take pride in their achievements.

The first day girls will gain an understanding of the needs of a community in need. In the afternoon, they will work together to design a fundraiser from scratch. A name, mission, and plan of action will established using leadership tools, activities and games. On day two, girls will create a solid business plan for implementing their concept, with strategic coaching and guest speakers. Day 3, girls learn through fun activities how to get their message out to the world using their own creative voice, talent, and courage. Day 4 is designed to put the concepts into action, and taking massive action with marketing.This day will help girls strengthen their focus, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Day 5 is event day. Girls pull it all together, learning to stay calm and resourceful while having a blast! Each will have their own important role to facilitate individually. The event will close with a group celebration to recognize each girl for their hard work, unique skills, and dedication to the project, and reflect on the fun and friends they made along the way! Tools, Skills & Values Taught: 

• Brainstorming
• Decision Making
• Team work
• Creative Design
• Managing a Budget
• Speaking 
• Event Logistics
• Leadership
• Resourcefulness
• Managing Time
• Making a Difference

Taught by:
Youth Leadership Coach
Social Media Expert
Community Advocate for ROCK
Business Development & Thought Leader 


March Break Camp Location:

This special program will be held at Think Spot in Lowville (North Burlington). Think Spot is a meeting space designed to evoke creative thinking and problem solving, while being inspired by nature and beautiful surroundings. It's located at 6210 Guelph Line, Burlinton, ON.

Radiant Girls Camps

Radiant Girls is a unique Wellness Camp in a Retreat setting. Featuring Yoga and Pilates, Outdoor Excursions, Hands-On Cooking, Coaching for Confidence & Emotional Intelligence, Meaningful Expressive Art, Fun & Lots of Giggling.

Our girls programs are designed for the girl who wants to discover how to love and nurture the body, develop inner strength through movement and creativity, and find the courage to follow her passions.

Although each program we run is personally designed for the group, we follow 2 simple principles for empowerment: Everyone has inner wisdom that needs to be heard & trusted, and taking care of your body and emotions is the foundation for wellbeing. Our events focus on these core values: leadership, courage, kindness, gratitude, positive thinking, and self care, all the things that make a girl radiant.  

Additional Support Before & After Camp

For most girls attending our camp, this will be the first time with a group of people they don't know.  Often times the hardest part of this kind of camp is overcoming the fear of the first day.  For this reason we will be providing a tour of the facility and a live group call “meet & greet” to go over the essentials to pack, and prepare for a fabulous week.  

It's been our experience, that encouraging healthy eating, and positive lifestyle choices is better received when it comes from an outside source. Once a safe, comfortable environment has been established, young girls tend to open up and be more responsive to us. During camp we encourage self awareness and examining new perspectives.  Sometimes changing thinking and behaviours takes time, and support is needed to fully integrate new learnings.  If you feel your girl would benefit from private coaching, this can be arranged following our camp experience.  These sessions can be done in person, or over live video calls. 


For more information or to reserve a space in one of our Girls Wellness Camps please download a registration package or contact Gina: [email protected] or 905 335-9591. Please indicate the week you'd like to book, along with your daughters name and age.  *Registration is complete when your registration package and payment has been received.

Campership Fund & Sponsors

Every year we offer campers a credit of $375 towards a day camp program, and an overnight retreat.  Campers requesting this scholarship must send in a request and include an recent experience where they have given back to someone in need in their community.  Photos, short video or supporting documents explaining the event and the impact  it has had will contribute to who receives this scholarship.  The camper and/or a family member should also include some information about why this program is of interest to them. 

We regularly have people in our community who want to support us in creating these amazing experiences for girls.  These people believe in what we do, and want to be a part of uplifting our girls with us.  These special people sponsor a few girls each summer to attend one of our events.   If you know a girl who would greatly benefit from our program, but may not have the financial means to attend, please reach out to us.  We may be able to send her to camp!

More info can be found at www.radiantgirls.ca


Session Dates & Locations:

Burlington, ON
5100 Appleby Line
Mar 12-16, 2018 $399 - $479
  • Session starts at 9:00 am and ends at 3:45 pm.
  • Before care is available starting at 8:30 am (fee extra). After care is available ending at 4:15 pm (fee extra).

Special Needs Support: (Not all campers have special needs)

Mild Support       Specialized programming

  • Troubled Teens
Mild Support       Specialized programming


Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Drawing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hiking
  • Leadership training
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Painting
  • Photo/Video
  • Public Speaking/Debate
  • Reading
  • Social Justice/Empowerment
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Super Camp
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Writing / journalism
  • Yoga
Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive