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Test Preparation Services

SSAT Test Preparation

Test Preparation Services  []

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09:00 am to 10:00 pm
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Test preparation
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10 - 14 (Coed)
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For many private schools, SSAT is the test a child must take to enter many of the more prestigious  independent or private school. SSAT is a standardized test developed as a measure of a child’s proficiency in English. The reason it is used in private and independent schools and not in public schools is because ESL teaching is mandatory at all levels in public schools, but not in private schools. Private/independent schools can handle ESL at the higher levels but are often unwilling to take them in at lower levels. For this reason, private or independent schools must have a measure to see whether a student can cope.

If you are the parent, please take some time to learn about the test and teach your daughter or son about the SSAT before you meet with a teacher. This way you are not wasting valuable time (and money) on a tutor teaching the structure of the test and your child can concentrate on the skills and strategies for doing well. 

​It is important that your child goes through a practice exam to see what his or her particular strengths and weaknesses are before approaching a tutor. For example, SSAT is a vocabulary rich test and there are sections on it that many students find tougher than other sections. 

Finding a tutor is often a headache, especially when your test is only weeks away. Feeling stressed over an exam is not fun. You probably realize that if you do not use a tutor, you may not be adequately prepared but if you hire an unsatisfactory tutor, you may waste even more time and money.

Our goal is to provide you with the most professional test preparation courses so that you are able to study in the most efficient and focused manner. All teachers are certified and well qualified.

***We offer online tutorial for SSAT***

Session Dates & Locations:

Gatineau, QC
51 Rue Millar
Nov 01, 2017-Dec 31, 2018 $240 - $480/month
  • Session starts at 9:00 am and ends at 10:00 pm.


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