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The MathScene
The MathScene
locations: Vancouver, BC; North Vancouver, BC

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Cindy Man

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(778) 834-9794×


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The MathScene

The MathScene

Locations: Vancouver, BC; North Vancouver, BC

Day camp, After-school / weekend classes
$100 to $180/week
10 to 18
1 to 10

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Contact Name:
Cindy Man

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About this program


The MathScene is Vancouver’s premier math school. Our math programs are held year-round, after school and at weekends. We have an outstanding track record of getting students into top schools and universities in Canada, the USA and the UK. Our qualified math teachers have in-depth experience at leading international schools. Call us to learn more about what we can do for you!

Vancouver, BC, North Vancouver, BC

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weekly or weekend class / kids programs
Ages: 11 - 18+
Expired 2017
Credit Courses|ESL|Math|Instructor lead (one on one)|Instructor lead (group)

Director's Message


Cindy Man, Director and Founder

Cindy Man is a Director and Founding Partner of The MathScene. She has extensive experience of teaching mathematics at top international secondary schools in Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

She has been teaching for over 15 years and is known for her skill in helping each and every student achieve their potential.

Cindy firmly believes that anyone can learn mathematics given the right approach and her students enjoy exceptional examination results, with many gaining places at the world’s top universities.

With a thorough understanding of how mathematics is taught internationally, Cindy is passionate about bringing the best teaching practices from around the world to her students in Canada.

Stories & Testimonials


Grade 12, UK

"Ms. Man made is possible for me to actually like Math! I worked very hard and Ms. Man worked equally hard with me pushing me to achieve the grade I needed and encouraging me constantly. The online tutoring system works really well and I was able to study at my own pace. Thank you very much for all your help, Ms. Man."

Grade 11, UK

“Math is not my favorite subject but one of my favorite lessons. Thank you!”

Grade 12, UK

“I love learning Math with Ms Man. She makes Mathematics thoroughly enjoyable and easy to understand.”

Grade 11, UK

"Ms Man made GCSE Math easy!"

Grade 11, UK

"I have enjoyed Math with Ms Man because her teaching methods are superb."

Grade 12, New Zealand

"Over the course of the year, Ms Man has supported me immensely. She is always approachable in case I don’t understand and helps me set and achieve ambitious but realistic targets for myself. Thank you!"

Grade 8, Scotland

"Having Ms Man as a teacher was very good as she always pushed me to be the best at Math as I could.  I have improved a vast amount after having her."

Grade 8, Lebanon

"Ms Man has been an amazing teacher. She explains things thoroughly to you and makes sure you understand. She teaches you the best methods to solve any mathematics problems."

Grade 12, India

"Learning Math with Ms Man has been really fun. I learnt Math without being stressed or worried about my grades."

Grade 12, Tanzania

"It has been a pleasure learning Advanced-Level Math and it was definitely made easier by the amazing level of teaching."

Grade 11, UK

"Ms Man helped me to understand questions and methods better. She also made me more independent by making me try harder to work out the questions rather than just giving me the answers."

Grade 11, UK

"Math with Ms Man has been an exciting journey. She has brought out the best in us all. Her sense of humor and quality of teaching has made Math great fun!"

Parent of Grade 12 student, Canada

"Engaging the services of Ms Man as my daughter's Math tutor was one of the best decisions I ever made.

My daughter was struggling in school, as there were certain topics she did not fully understand in class, and she lacked the confidence to speak out and ask for further help. Ms Man was always able to fully explain these topics in a way that made sense, and in a style that my daughter enjoyed, because she felt she was achieving something.

Ms Man is completely approachable, and my daughter knew she could ask her anything. She was also completely flexible, and worked around my daughters other commitments at school. Her grades went up very quickly, and she is now achieving top grades in all her Math assessments.

I cannot recommend Ms Man's professionalism and attention to detail highly enough. She is superb: highly effective and hugely knowledgeable."

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Camp Locations

  • Vancouver, BC
    1199 Lynn Valley Road, PO Box 16091, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7J3S9
  • North Vancouver, BC
    3255 Edgemont Blvd, North Vancouver, V7R 2P1

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Cindy Man

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