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Toronto Zoo Serengeti Bush Camp

Type Overnight Camp ( Hot Meals, Summer Camp)
Categories Family Camps
Age (Gender) 6 to 100 (Coed)
Cost $89 to $109 /night
Capacity 20 to 60

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African Campfire Fun

At the Serengeti Bush Camp you will have the ultimate opportunity to experience a camp fire in the most unique setting. With the fire crackling, songs will be sung, marshmallows will be roasted, African folklore and animal stories will be passed along, that will captivate the child in all of you. Creating and sharing camp memories around the fire is a perfect opportunity for groups to learn, grow and bond, giving a personal experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Animals Behind the Scenes

The Serengeti Bush Camp at the Toronto Zoo is more than just a night of camping, it is a experience full of animal adventures and encounters. After arriving at the Zoo and settling in, you're whisked off to tour the African Savanna. Viewing lions, hippos, and hyenas on display is only the start, campers also get the opportunity to travel behind the scenes at the Zoo and see the Elephant house, discovering where they sleep, what they eat, and having intimate discussions with an Elephant Keeper. Once dusk has fallen, the Toronto Zoo and the animals take on a new meaning, and the fun continues on. Campers participate in exciting games and activities designed to enlighten them about the animals and their behaviour. Campers will have adventures full of discovery while experiencing life on the Serengeti.

Adventure of a Lifetime

Have you ever wanted to travel to Africa and go on a safari adventure? Experience the wildlife expedition that you've always dreamed of closer to home in the Toronto Zoo's Serengeti Bush Camp. Participants will experience an overnight adventure in a bush tent which is located right in the heart of the savanna. With lions roaring into the night, and the elephants just around the corner, the Serengeti Bush Camp will be a night to remember.

School Group - Teacher


[I had] the opportunity to sit beside a singing wolf pack, to hear lions in the night, and to see my students' faces light up.

School Groups - Student

Ashley (Grade 6)

Thank you so much for letting our school come to the (Serengeti) Bush Camp. I could not believe how many things I learned in 2 days! It was really cool how we got to go into the elephant building and see the elephants up close. It was really awesome! It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Family Nights


I just want to thank you for the wonderful time my family and I had at the (Serengeti) Bush Camp. The food was tasty, accommodations were comfortable, and the behind the scenes brought out the kids in all of us. The guides were EXCELLENT!

Girl Guides

Yvonne (Brownies)

I want to thank all those involved for the wonderful camp experience we had at the Serengeti Bush Camp. We enjoyed the hikes through the zoo and learned very valuable information along the way. The meals were excellent. The kids particularly enjoyed the campfire experience singing songs, doing skits and of course roasting marshmallows. For many of our girls this was their first camp experience and they were obviously delighted. We will certainly recommend the Serengeti Bush Camp to our fellow (girl) guiders!

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