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Valuable Lessons
Valuable Lessons
locations: Downtown West, Toronto; Downtown West, Toronto

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Valuable Lessons

Valuable Lessons

Locations: Downtown West, Toronto; Downtown West, Toronto

After-school / weekend classes
Leadership training
10 to 18
3 to 8

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Valuable Lessons

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About this program


Valuable Lessons owner Lisa Palmer teaches Success! Literally. She combines the strategies of success with the benefits of mindfulness through workshops, one-on-one coaching and "NEW" for 2017, Teen Mastermind Groups. Students and student athletes in grades 7-12 can benefit by learning the daily habits and specific mindset that the most successful use to achieve their goals.

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weekly or weekend class / kids programs
Instructor lead (group)
Ages: 12 - 18
Expired 2017
Mindfulness Training|Leadership training|Instructor lead (group)
weekly or weekend class / kids programs
Mindfulness Training
Ages: 12 - 18+
Expired 2017
Mindfulness Training|Instructor lead (one on one)

Director's Message


Lisa Palmer, Founder

Live the Joyfulness of Success (work is involved, suffering is optional)

Valuable Lessons owner Lisa Palmer is a motivational speaker, transformational workshop leader, and personal one-on-one coach.  She focuses on the strategies of success, combined with the benefits of mindfulness and the law of attraction.  Personally trained in The Success Principles by author and transformational leader, Jack Canfield (co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul, series of books)  Lisa works with students, schools, athletes and adults giving them the advantage in life. 

Whether the format is small group workshops, private sessions, mastermind groups, school programs or team sports performance enhancement the strategies and principles are the same.  With Lisa's guidance participants will be lead to discover ​firstly, who they are, then where they are in their lives, where they want to be, then Lisa shares the tools to allow that journey to be full of curiosity, fun and joyfulness.

Lisa can customize a program for your child, your star athlete in the family, the dynamics of your school or even for you. 

Gain more confidence, achieve bigger goals, have more focus, awareness, happiness and more success then you ever thought possible.   








Stories & Testimonials


Unique and Special

I learned that the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference.  For example, smiling.  I learned more about myself and that I should stay true to who I am because everyone is unique and special.  Emily, age 16


Thankyou, for such a wonderful opportunity for my daughters to learn valuable lessons in such a fun way!  An amazing camp that not only reinforces the rote messages we parents try to teach our children, but the additional skills to keep them thinking about goals for their future.  Fun, creative, interactive and engaging.  My daughters looked forward to going everyday and as you know it was an effort to get them to leave.  Even I enjoyed your company and could have chatted with you for hours. -- Penny McLean, Parent

The 3 C's of Success.

I learned that it is OK to just accept yourself the way you are.  I learned that the 3 C's of Success are communication, confidence and courtesy.  I also learned that smiling aat someone else will most likely make them smile too. -- Sarah, age 12

I will continue to promote your brand.

My daughter truly enjoyed herself this past week and looked forward to the next day.  I have told many about your organization and what it is teaching children.  I think these life lessons are so important and will continue to promote your brand. -- Jerusha Sorrento, Parent

Its all about balance.

I learned how to balance my life and everything in it.  Lindsay, age 15


I learned that a smile is like a boomerang.  It always comes back to you.-- Kendall, age 13

You can do it!!!

Confidence is something that you think you can't do but when you try you can do it.  Andrew, age 12

Never Give Up!!!

I learned to never give up.-- DJ, age 8

Turtle Steps!!!

Turtle steps. Take your time to reach your goals. -- Ayslinn, age 6

I want to go again!!!

I had a fun week at Valuable Lessons.  I want to go again.--Evan, age 6

Well worth the time!!!

Valuable Lessons was a fun, interactive session that worked with school age children to develop skills around manners and friendship building.  The icebreaker ball was a hit. The activities were fast paced and the children actively participated.  Well worth the time!!! -- Nancy Mosey, Day Care Director


"What a great summer camp! The counsellors and program directors were extremely caring and adapted the lessons to suit the children at the camp. Each child was able to explore his/her own passions, lifestyles and personalities within group lessons, but also enjoy cooperative games and activities outside. My son benefited greatly from the individual attention he received, and told me he thinks the camp is "AWESOME". We would recommend this camp to anyone looking for 'something different' - your children will love it!" --Lee Dawe, Parent

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Camp Locations

  • Downtown West, Toronto
    199 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 0H4
  • Downtown West, Toronto
    199 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 0H4

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