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Youth empowerment and social justice camps

Find the top youth empowerment and social justice summer camps and programs

Looking for a youth empowerment camp? These camps, also called “social justice camps,” can be found across Canada and the United States. They can be a great option for teens and preteens looking for a challenge and who want to expand their horizons.

What is a youth empowerment camp?

Youth empowerment camps are intended primarily for teens and “tweens,” ranging in age from 8 to 18. They offer training, workshops, and exercises in social justice and leadership.

These camps offer programs on a wide range of local and global issues. These may include

  • Poverty
  • The environment
  • Racism
  • Bullying
  • Conflict resolution
  • Sexuality
  • Culture
  • Religion

Of course, youth empowerment camps aren’t just about social activism and education. They can also be great fun! Most also have many of the same exciting activities you’ll find at other traditional camps. This includes campfires, swimming, dancing, music, games, arts and crafts, sports, and more.

Many of these are residential (or overnight) camps, with programs of various lengths, including one week, two weeks, one month, and two months. Some day camps, though, also offer youth empowerment and social justice programs.

Why should my child go to a youth empowerment camp?

Youth empowerment and social justice camps are a nice fit for those who care about the world and want to make a difference. If your child is interested in social issues, wants to connect with a like-minded community, and is interested in new experiences, one of these camps may be a perfect fit.

These camps teach kids important skills and values. This can help your child to thrive in the teen years and grow into a confident, responsible, and passionate adult. Skills learned vary between camps, but may include

Below, we list youth empowerment and social justice camps in Canada and the United States. Click on a camp’s profile to learn more about it, including its location, cost, programming, and session dates. You can also click through to a camp’s website and register your child for a summer session today.




List of youth empowerment and social justice camps and programs

   Special Needs Support: Mild    Specialized   
Camps that specialize in youth empowerment and social justice
Me to We Take Action Camp   
Take Action Day & Overnight Camp are where young people will discover their potential through interactive team-building, specialized workshops, games and hands on volunteer experience, in a fun and inclusive environment!

Arizona; Bethany; Corktown, Toronto

Education: Social Justice/Empowerment

  • Ages 9 to 18
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $400/week
Day, Overnight Coed 400 9-18 0 Arizona, Bethany, Corktown, Toronto
YMCA of Greater Vancouver   
There’s something about camp that brings out the best in us. Whether it’s sailing, hiking or uncovering leadership potential, YMCA's spring and summer camps provide children ages 5-17 with a memorable experience.

Vancouver; Gibsons

Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 5 to 17
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight, family
from $139/session
Day, Overnight, family Coed 139 5-17 1 Vancouver, Gibsons
Camps offering youth empowerment and social justice as an activity
Focus Learning Academic Centre   
An enrichment academic learning centre committed to igniting the love of learning among children. Public Speaking, FocusMath, Scratch, Python, Model UN and YoungTrepreneurs are offered in an engaging group setting.

Markham; Don Mills, Toronto

Education (multi)

  • Ages 5 to 14
  • Coed
  • Day, Program
from $462/session
sessions & dates
Day, Program Coed 462 5-14 0 Markham, Don Mills, Toronto
Swallowdale Camp   
An overnight camp in Rosseau offering adventure and a variety of land and water activities. Our beautiful lakefront camp is the ideal place for children to spend their summer making new friend and learning new skills!


Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 7 to 16
  • Coed
  • Overnight
from $1,200/week
Overnight Coed 1200 7-16 1 Rosseau
French International Language Camps   
English students learning French mix with French students learning English in this innovative program in the French Alps. Sports and other activities are an important part of the experience, along with language lessons.


Education: FSL

  • Ages 7 to 17
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $2,200/week
Day, Overnight Coed 2200 7-17 2 International
Radiant Girls   
A unique Girls Wellness Camp in a retreat setting. Featuring Yoga and Pilates, Outdoor Excursions, Hands-On Cooking, Coaching for Confidence & Emotional Intelligence, Meaningful Expressive Art, Fun & lots of giggling.

Burlington; Hamilton; Milton

Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 8 to 13
  • Girls
  • Day, Overnight, Program, family
from $50/day
Day, Overnight, Program, family Girls 50 8-13 3 Burlington, Hamilton, Milton
Brick Labs   
Discover your "inner brickness" at our fun-filled LEGO-themed Art, Education and Entertainment facility. Parties, Clubs, Camps, Drop-ins and more. Create, innovate and collaborate in 1 of our 4 themed labs.

York Mills, Toronto

Science: LEGO

  • Ages 5 to 16
  • Coed
  • Day, Program, family
from $15/day
sessions & dates
Day, Program, family Coed 15 5-16 4 York Mills, Toronto
Brentwood College School Summer Camps   
Located on beautiful Vancouver Island, Brentwood College School offers focused camps for Soccer, Rugby 7s, Outdoor Pursuits, Rowing, Rock Band, Debate, and Musical Theatre for kids aged 8 to 17.

Mill Bay

Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 8 to 17
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $185/week
Day, Overnight Coed 185 8-17 5 Mill Bay
TIFF Camps & Workshops   
TIFF’s Film Camps provide children with programs aimed to explore the art of filmmaking led by film industry professionals that encourage campers to create stories and develop the skills to produce their own films.

King West Village, Toronto

Education: Acting Film & TV

  • Ages 8 to 17
  • Coed
  • Day
from $536/week
Day Coed 536 8-17 6 King West Village, Toronto
Outward Bound Canada   
Est 1969. Inspiring, challenging journeys of self-discovery in the outdoors. Join an authentic, transformational adventure to see Canada at its finest, reach beyond your own boundaries, and tap in to your true potential.

Kananaskis; Vancouver Island; Throughout Canada; Grand Manan; Algonquin Park

Adventure (multi)

  • Ages 12 to 99
  • Coed, Girls, Boys
  • Day, Overnight, family
from $699/week
sessions & dates
Day, Overnight, family Coed, Girls, Boys 699 12-99 7 Kananaskis, Vancouver Island, Throughout Canada, Grand Manan, Algonquin Park
Life Gears Academy   
A specialized organization offering camps, clubs, and workshops throughout Ontario focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as well as various Life Skills such as communication and mindfulness.

Guelph; Newmarket; Windsor

Education: STEM

  • Ages 6 to 16
  • Coed, Girls
  • Day, Program
from $50/session
Day, Program Coed, Girls 50 6-16 8 Guelph, Newmarket, Windsor
Where Kids learn about Money & the World. Experience different cultures, learn about Money Management, Open your own business and immerse in fun activities, sports and music .

Leaside, Toronto

Education (multi)

  • Ages 7 to 14
  • Coed
  • Day
from $275/week
Day Coed 275 7-14 9 Leaside, Toronto
Lakefield Camp International   
Lakefield Camp is a traditional Canadian overnight summer camp that offers various outdoor & indoor land/water sports & activities, from sailing to theater arts, a complete ropes course, language classes & so much more!


Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 9 to 17
  • Coed
  • Overnight
from $1,300/week
Overnight Coed 1300 9-17 10 Lakefield
Brain Power Enrichment Programs   
With more than 30 years of success, Brain Power is an innovative leader in enrichment education for bright and gifted students. Brain Power is a transformative model for what gifted education should be about in the GTA.

North Toronto, Toronto

Education (multi)

  • Ages 7 to 18
  • Coed
  • Program
from $325/session
sessions & dates
Program Coed 325 7-18 11 North Toronto, Toronto
University of King's College   
University of King's College has: 1) summer day camp for ages 6-12, 2) Humanities for Young People, a summer live-in program for teens, 3) soccer and basketball camps in March Break, in-service days and early August.


Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 6 to 17
  • Coed
  • Day, Overnight
from $150/week
Day, Overnight Coed 150 6-17 12 Halifax
Laurus Summer Camp   
Montreal & Laval's #1 lifestyle summer day camp that blends fun, education and specialty training in arts, academics and sports! Weekly program for kids ages 3 to 15! Registration is Open for 2018!

Montreal; Laval

Traditional (multi activity)

  • Ages 3 to 15
  • Coed
  • Day
from $200/week
Day Coed 200 3-15 13 Montreal, Laval