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Choosing and getting into the best Montessori schools in Canada

Tips for finding right Montessori school for your child

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Assuming Montessori is right your child, you’ll want to find a school that’s a good fit. In your search for the best Montessori school, it’s important to consult with teachers, educators, and (often) your child.

Start looking at schools early, as much as a year before applying. You can research them here on this site, on individual school websites, at open houses, during on-site visits, at our annual school expos, and other venues.

Choosing a Montessori school

When it comes to choosing the right Montessori school, you’ll want to look at its classroom policies. You’ll also want to consider its culture, philosophy, teaching approach, and curriculum, among other things.

There’s no such thing, though, as the best Montessori school. What’s important is the fit between the school and your child (and family). Yet, there are some things you should look for, in any Montessori school, to find the right fit. They include the following:

  • An open line of communication with the directors and administration
  • Teachers with proper training
  • A classroom with authentic Montessori learning materials
  • Developmentally appropriate curricular approaches
  • A calm and ordered classroom
  • A clear and consistent policy for tracking the progress of students
  • A caring and supportive learning environment
  • A strong community feel

If you want more advice on choosing the right Montessori school, see our checklist for Montessori education and guide to Montessori questions. You can also read about the benefits of Montessori schooling.

Getting into Montessori schools

There is a formal application process for most Montessori schools. The application materials required will be similar to those required for any private school. These may include:

  • Photo identification
  • Application fee or deposit
  • Report card or assessments from the child’s previous school(s)
  • Interviews with parents and child

In some cases, though, they may also include:

  • Interviews with previous teachers
  • In-class teacher diagnoses
  • Out-of-class observations
  • Statements detailing child’s history, including personality, academic history, and family background
  • Psychoeducational assessments

The application process varies widely for different Montessori schools. Most schools, though, focus a lot on in- and out-of-class observations of your child (especially if they’re coming from a non-Montessori school). They aim to get a full picture of your child’s academic and social/emotional profile. This helps them decide whether they’re a good fit for your child.

The right outlook to have is that the school is working with you, not against you. For advice on how to choose the right private school, read our step-by-step choosing guide. You can also read our guide to questions to ask private schools.



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