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Alberta Christian schools

Find the top private Christian schools in Alberta

Below, we cover private Christian schools in Alberta, which includes schools in CalgaryEdmonton, Red Deer, and Banff. For a more complete guide to Christian education, including a detailed discussion of curriculum and approach, start with our Christian school guide.

Table of contents

  1. List of Christian schools in Alberta

  2. Choosing a school

  3. Tuition at Alberta Christian schools

  4. Compare Christian schools

  5. Christian private schools in Alberta
  6. Further resources


Christian schools

  • Glenmore Christian Academy
  • Bearspaw Christian School
  • Clear Water Academy

There are lots of private Christian schools in Canada. For instance, there are Christian schools in Toronto, Ontario, Edmonton, and Calgary. These schools vary in terms of their religious curriculum, extracurriculars, and approach to Christian study and Bible study. The schools below reflect this diversity. You can filter them for a wide range of features.

School NameTypeReligious affiliationCost

Glenmore Christian Academy (est. 1980)  

  • Calgary, Alberta
  • JK to 9 (Coed)
  • Day school (846 students)
Glenmore Christian Academy (GCA) is a private school in Calgary with specialist educators in academics, arts, and athletics. Our mission is to Teach Truth, Inspire Excellence, Experience Christ and Serve through Love. [View profile]
  • Traditional
$2,650 to $6,260

Bearspaw Christian School (est. 1998)  

  • Calgary, Alberta
  • JK to 12 (Coed)
  • Day school (635 students)
Bearspaw Christian School is proud to be a top choice for Christian families in the Calgary area. BCS offers a fully-integrated discipleship-based education from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. [View profile]
  • Traditional
$2,400 to $7,450

Clear Water Academy (est. 1994)  

  • Calgary, Alberta
  • JK to 12 (Coed)
  • Day school (474 students)
Clear Water Academy is a private Catholic school that stands ready to meet and expand the minds and passions of some of the brightest students in Calgary, and exchange students from around the world. [View profile]
  • Liberal Arts
$6,775 to $20,000

Private school expos

Private school expos can be a great way to find the right school for your child. The Calgary private school expo allows you to speak with many private schools, some of which are Christian schools all in the same place. Find a Christian school near you.

Online discussion forum

Another great resource in your school search is the Our Kids parent discussion forum. The forum is an ideal place to discuss options and debate topics related to Christian education.

The cost of Christian schools in Alberta is, on average, lower than the cost of other private schools in Alberta. It’s also on the lower side of private school tuition in general. In Alberta, the only public Christian schools are Catholic—schools fully funded by the government.

Many schools offer needs-based financial aid, such as bursaries or tuition relief. Other schools offer scholarships, which are given based on merit—for instance, in academics or athletics. You can learn more about needs- and merit-based financial aid in our dedicated guide.

Below, you’ll find the range of costs for private Christian schools in Alberta:

Tuition (day school)Students receiving financial aidGrade eligibility for financial aidAvg. aid package size (annual)
Bearspaw Christian School$6,500 to $7,450
Clear Water Academy$12,050 to $20,00010%1 - 12

 Founding dateEndowmentAdmissions rateEnrollmentEnrollment
per grade
Glenmore Christian Academy198050%
Bearspaw Christian School1998
Clear Water Academy199475%

Primary curriculum
Secondary curriculum
Curriculum pace
Academic culture
Average class size
Language immersion
Special needs support
Tech integration
Glenmore Christian AcademyTraditionalStandard-enrichedRigorous20 to 25Withdrawal AssistanceMedium integration
Bearspaw Christian SchoolTraditionalStandard-enrichedRigorousNo support
Clear Water AcademyLiberal ArtsStandard-enrichedRigorous16 to 18Withdrawal AssistanceMedium integration



Learning disorders:
 Auditory processing disorder
 Language processing disorder
 Non-verbal learning disorders
 Visual motor deficit
Development disorders:

Behavioural and emotional:
 Troubled teens
 Substance abuse
 Oppositional defiant disorder
 Cystic fibrosis
 Multiple physical

 Admission deadlineSSAT requiredInterview requiredAcceptance rateNext open house
Glenmore Christian AcademyDay: rollingK - 950%
Bearspaw Christian SchoolDay: rollingJK - 12
Clear Water AcademyDay: rolling
Homestay: rolling
JK - 1275%

Glenmore Christian Academy100%100%100%100%100%100%100%100%100%100%
Bearspaw Christian School
Clear Water Academy100%90%90%90%75%75%75%70%60%60%60%60%60%


 MathScienceLiteratureHumanities Social SciencesForeign LanguagesFine Arts
Glenmore Christian AcademyTraditional MathEqual BalanceTraditionalPragmatismCommunicativeCreative
Bearspaw Christian SchoolWe don't offer Fine Arts
Clear Water AcademyEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual BalanceEqual Balance

Student council
School newspaper
Radio club
Photograph club
Art club
Dance club
Yoga club
Drama club
Debate club
Chess club
Math club
Science club
Robotics club
Computer club
Environmental club
Outdoor club
Community service
Glenmore Christian Academy
Bearspaw Christian School
Clear Water Academy

Ice Hockey
Track and Field
Glenmore Christian Academy
Bearspaw Christian School
Clear Water Academy

Sending your child to a Christian school allows them to participate in an enhanced educational experience, one that often offers more—at times considerably more—than they would find in a secular or non-denominational school.

Many parents of Christian school students appreciate the strong sense of community schools create. Shared values foster a tight-knit atmosphere for both parents and students and this communal feeling cultivates a school where everyone is comfortable getting involved.

Christian schools offer a full curriculum while also providing a strong foundation in the values, character, and the traditions of Christian life. In addition to the core curriculum, they typically also have required religion courses in the faith of the school.

Christian schools welcome students of all beliefs.  While schools provide an education conducted through the lens of basic Christian values, students come from a wide range of traditions and backgrounds. What faith-based schools offer is an enhanced curriculum, one that provides an explicit attention to values, ethics, character, and the students' spiritual life. 

Above, you will find a comprehensive list of Christian schools, including Catholic schools, in Alberta. Click on the links to learn more about each school listed.

Private schools in Alberta

There are many great places to raise a family in Alberta, including Calgary and Edmonton. These can also be great places to attend a private Christian school.

Private Christian schools in Alberta focus a lot on Christian studies. They also provide a great community for both children and their families. And, they provide children with a strong overall education (in both religious and secular studies), which gives them a great foundation for future studies.

Alberta is a province in western Canada. It borders British Columbia to the west, and Saskatchewan to the east. Alberta is Canada's fourth-most populous province. Its capital is Edmonton, and its largest city is Calgary.

One of Alberta's most important resources is crude oil, which is found mostly in the Alberta Oilsands. Alberta has a strong economy, supported by the burgeoning petroleum industry, but also by the agriculture and technology sectors.